‘Baby Shark’ Play Doh Set Will Be Released In May

“Baby Shark” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” song has been driving parents mad since its original debut on YouTube back in 2015. Now, four years later, after forcefully invading the minds of children and parents everywhere, “Baby Shark” has inspired actual physical merchandise.

The latest “Baby Shark” themed merchandise slated to hit the shelves is a new Play Doh set from Hasbro.

The “Baby Shark” Playset will come with all the Play Doh and accessories you and your child will need to build an entire shark family. The set includes cutter shapes for both baby and adult-sized sharks as well as several accessory cutters for things like teeth, glasses, and a mustache.

The set also comes with several other tools including a roller, a fish mold, a dough knife, a seaweed accessory, and a 12 tubs of Play Doh in various Pinkfong inspired colors.

According to Good Housekeeping, Hasbro plans to sell the product at a price point of $15 and is set to release to stores on May 1st.

The “Baby Shark” song became an internet sensation nearly overnight and has a tremendously large fan base of children (and adults) all across the world.

While the “Baby Shark” rendition from Pinkfong is the version most American children know and love, there is some debate over where the lyrics originated.

In fact, there is a YouTube children’s musician that goes by the name Johnny Only who claims that he is the original writer of the song. The execs over at Pinkfong say that the viral children’s tune was modeled after the lyrics of an old nursery rhyme.

According to the Mel Magazine, the Chinese children’s network focus a lot of effort into finding rhymes and songs that the children can understand, pronounce, and sing along with.

In a recent interview one of Pinkfong’s marketing managers, Kevin Seunghyun Yoon, revealed that in addition to focusing on songs that are easy for the kids to sing and digest, the writer makes an effort to add a “fresh twist” to a “traditional singalong chant by adding upbeat rhythms and fresh melody.”

While no one knows for sure where the catchy tune originated from, there are several noticeable differences between the Pinkfong version of the song and Johnny Only’s version of the song.

The most prevalent of these differences is the fact that the Pinkfong version is a lot more simple lyric wise and includes a minor chord change in one of the latter verses for a more dramatic effect.

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