Carrie Underwood Surprised Fans With Incredible Valentine’s Gesture

On Thursday night, couples the world over had special plans to shower one another with love and gifts. For many people, that plan usually includes a dinner at a nice restaurant, and fancy establishments pull out all the stops with a special Valentine’s Day menu.

Of course, this special dinner on this special occasion usually comes with a not-so-special check at the end of it. But for three couples who decided to celebrate their Valentine’s Day at Sinema, one of the most popular restaurants in Nashville, instead of a hefty bill at the end of their meals, they received an incredible surprise, according to a report by Sounds Like Nashville.

When they asked for the check, they were instead given, a rose, a card, and concert tickets. The Good Samaritan? Country singer Carrie Underwood, who had decided to pay for the three couples’ Valentine’s dinners and gift them tickets to one of her concerts in Nashville in September on her Cry Pretty 360 Tour.

The card they were given read “SURPRISE! Your dinner have been taken care of this evening. Happy Valentine Day! xoxo, Carrie Underwood. #LoveWins.”

Her surprised fans took to social media to share photos of the incredible gesture.

While she treated other couples to a special day, Underwood spent the day with husband Mike Fisher and the couple’s two sons, Isaiah and Jacob. Having just welcomed Jacob to the family less than a month ago, the family decided to have a relaxed celebration this time around, with the “Cry Pretty” singer hinting that Valentine’s Day should involve a lot of chocolate.

“Chocolate’s every woman’s friend,” Underwood said. “In their time of need or in their time of happiness or in their time of sadness or madness, chocolate is my friend.”

She also dropped another hint — possibly hoping Fisher would be looking her up in the news — that “anything with caramel in it, or white chocolate” would do the trick.

Fisher later shared a selfie of the two of them, but they didn’t share exactly where they were, or if they spent the evening out together. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the couple looked slightly dressed up in the selfie, which could indicate they had decided to call on the services of a babysitter to give them some time for a date.

Underwood herself opted to not share any photos of her own from the day to her social media accounts, instead just sharing her fans’ social media posts from her surprise.

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