‘One Piece’ Chapter 933 Spoilers: Komurasaki’s Death, Shogun Orochi’s Devil Fruit Power Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 933 featured the ongoing commotion at Shogun Kurozumi Orochi’s mansion. While Strawhat Pirates archeologist Nico Robin is being chased by the Oniwabanshu, Komurasaki is about to receive a grave punishment from Shogun Orochi for hitting him in the face.

One Piece Chapter 933 started with Shogun Orochi transforming into a multi-headed snake. It was revealed that Shogun Orochi’s devil fruit is Zoan Mythical Beast-type Snake Snake Fruit Model Yamata No Orochi. All the heads of Orochi have different personalities. Despite the outrageous thing Komurasaki did to him, Shogun Orochi is still willing to forgive the most beautiful courtesan in the Wano Country.

Unfortunately, Komurasaki refused to apologize and bend her knee for Shogun Orochi. Komurasaki’s stubbornness angered Shogun Orochi, who started attacking everyone near him, including his own men. One of Shogun Orochi’s snakeheads succeeded in capturing Komurasaki. Toko, who continues to laugh despite all the things that are happening inside Shogun Orochi’s mansion, asked Robin to save Komurasaki. However, Robin is also in huge trouble, as the Oniwabanshu finally found her.

Robin was close to being cornered by the Oniwabanshu when Brook appeared in his ghost form. In the latest chapter of One Piece, the Oniwabanshu thought that Brook is the “starting skeleton spirit.” Brook scared everyone in the mansion, including Toko. Robin attacked the enemies using her devil fruit power and prepared to escape.

One Piece Chapter 933 showed Strawhat Pirates navigator Nami and Shinobu going into action to save their friends. However, before they came down from the ceiling, they encountered one of Shogun Orochi’s ninjas, Hanzo. Shinobu easily defeated him using “Ninja Art: Ball Crasher.” Shinobu used her ninja power once again to make the ceiling collapse and drop to where Shogun Orochi was waiting.

Robin and Brook reunited with Nami and Shinobu. Nami summoned Zeus to help them fight Shogun Orochi and his subordinates. Zeus expressed his willingness to help, as long as Nami will feed him weather eggs. One Piece Chapter 933 also featured the death of the most beautiful woman in the Wano Country. Kyoshiro, an ally of Shogun Orochi, brought out his sword and attacked the defenseless courtesan.

Most of the people in the mansion were shocked by Kyoshiro’s action, even Shogun Orochi. Kyoshiro explained that he only did what is right, and later showed everyone the evidence that Komurasaki is an ally of Kinemon and the Nine Red Scabbards.

The final scenes of One Piece Chapter 933 showed Emperor Big Mom at Leftover Town. Emperor Big Mom is being taken care of Strawhat Pirates doctor Tony Tony Chopper and Tsuru, Kinemon’s wife. Emperor Big Mom still hasn’t remembered anything since their ship fell into the sea, and there are ongoing speculations regarding his role in the upcoming war between the Strawhat Pirates alliance and the Beast Pirates.

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