Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Lulu’s Struggling, Laura’s Concerned, And Jordan’s Taking Risks

Things are pretty wild in Port Charles right now, and General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode provide some clues into where everything will head next. There were a couple of big developments during Thursday’s show, and viewers have a lot to look forward to with the episode airing on February 15.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, there are major twists and turns ahead with the Ryan storyline as the month progresses. Part of that will kick off during Friday’s show as Jordan moves forward with a potentially dangerous plan.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show shared via Twitter shows Jordan telling Curtis that what she has in mind is not orthodox by law enforcement standards. Viewers have seen that Jordan does have doubts about Franco’s responsibility in this case, and she’s going to present a plan to him that could help free him.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jordan will propose that Franco plead guilty in this case as she thinks that could prompt the real person responsible to relax and make mistakes that will expose him. Franco will want to run this by Elizabeth, and he’ll be wary of this working, but Jordan will insist that he needs to keep this plan just between them.

While Franco is struggling with this, Lulu will be talking with her mother Laura. General Hospital spoilers detail that Lulu will be ready to head home to continue her recovery, and she’s still feeling certain that Franco is responsible for her injuries.

Laura will, of course, support her daughter through this. However, viewers saw earlier in the week that even Laura was able to see that the details don’t add up quite right in terms of putting all of this on Franco. She Knows Soaps shares that something will have Laura feeling curious, and it’ll be interesting to see if perhaps Lulu says something that suggests someone other than Franco attacked her.

In the days ahead, Laura will become more and more suspicious of “Kevin,” and General Hospital spoilers tease that her suspicions will be central in the truth finally emerging. It will take at least a couple more weeks for this to be resolved, but it sounds as if viewers have great stuff to look forward to as the February sweeps period plays out.

Friday’s episode also has more with Carly’s surprising pregnancy news as well as Maxie’s determination to figure out what Valentin’s trying to hide. General Hospital spoilers tease that the February 15 episode will be an intense one, and it’ll set the stage for plenty of chaos in the coming week.

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