Kendall Jenner Bites Into A Shoe During A Game With Jimmy Fallon

Kendall Jenner took a mouthful of various household objects on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon challenged the star to take part in a game of Food Or Not Food, which calls on contestants to pick between three objects in a moment of blind faith and test out for themselves whether their choice is made of cake or not. It wasn’t Kendall’s luckiest day – she lost to the television host four times before eventually scoring a point.

The first course consisted of shoes. The celebrity opted for the most promising item, a glaring yellow Croc sandal. Despite its mouthwatering appearance, the Croc was anything but cake-like.

“Nope,” murmured Kendall, much to the amusement of the host. “It’s rubber. I hope they’re new,” she added, causing uproars of laughter.

However, Fallon acted a lot less gleeful when his turn came around, especially once he learned that his choice of appetizer wasn’t a piece of cake to chomp down either. Next up came Kendall with a cherry red pump – not made of real cherries, unfortunately – before Fallon went for a golden boot made of sugar and chocolate that scored him one point. It took Kendall another three attempts to turn the tide. She took a bite of a phone and a Rubik’s cube before finally picking the right item, a Mr. Potato Head toy made of chocolate. Talk about the sweet taste of victory.

As the Daily Mail reports, Kendall made an appearance on the popular television show to promote the upcoming season of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians. To keep up with the theme of the night, she delighted audiences with some food habit-related trivia. For instance, she divulged that her sister, Kylie used to kick off her day with a generous portion of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, followed by an entire pomegranate. She also opened up to Fallon about her own preferences, explaining that she cannot stand bananas in any shape or form.

However, Kylie and Kendall aren’t the only ones in the Kardashian family with strange food habits. In the past, a journalist at People ventured so far as to investigate where Kim Kardashian sources the salad so frequently featured in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. What’s more, Kim also made the rounds by revealing that she drinks celery juice every day to help her psoriasis. As the Daily Mail reports, the star firmly believes that the fluorescent-colored beverage can improve her skin rare condition.

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