‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Talks Working Hard, Says Things Aren’t ‘Handed’ To Her

The cast of Teen Mom 2 has what some would consider pretty easy jobs. They film their lives for a few months out of the year and are paid a decent amount to do so. However, not all of the cast members are happy with simply being reality show stars and rather than sitting around filming, they take the opportunities that come their way.

Kailyn Lowry is a good example of this. The mother of three not only shares her life on reality television, but she is also the co-host of the Coffee Convos podcast, written books, and most recently started selling a hair care line. According to a report from InTouch Weekly, though, Kailyn was called out on Instagram for being a working mom, which she defended.

“But who would pass up an opportunity? I could sit on my a** until the money runs out. But instead I used it to move forward. D***** if I do, d***** if I don’t. Take your negative energy towards me and put it towards something you love!” Kailyn wrote in the comments section on Instagram.

Without a doubt, Kailyn has jumped on the opportunities given to her, but earlier in the week, she took to Twitter to point out that she hasn’t exactly been handed opportunities because of her status as a reality television show star. In fact, Kailyn explained that she hasn’t had anything “handed to her” as some people seem to assume.

“Handed to me? There are so many companies that won’t give me a chance because I was on this show. I could choose to sit around with my income but instead I choose to work for other things. IE books, degree, podcast, etc.,” Kailyn tweeted to fans on Tuesday morning.

Anyone who has watched Kailyn since her 16 and Pregnant episode knows that she has always been ambitious and worked hard to achieve her goals. On her Season 2 episode, she found out that she was pregnant with a baby boy. Not having much support at home, she eventually moved in with her then boyfriend’s family. She eventually moved out and on her own, working hard every step of the way.

Although Kailyn could theoretically not work aside from her gig on reality television, she chooses to take the opportunities that come her way and who could blame her?

New episodes of Teen Mom 2 are airing Monday nights on MTV where fans can catch up with Kailyn and her three boys.

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