Johnny Galecki Planning To Marry Girlfriend Alaina Meyer, Asked Her Father For Permission

Johnny Galecki may be walking down the aisle soon with his girlfriend, Alaina Meyer. The Big Bang Theory star reportedly asked Meyer’s father for permission to have her hand in marriage, according to Alaina’s brother, Evan Bozajian.

According to Radar Online, Johnny Galecki and Alaina Meyer’s relationship is heading toward the next level. The actor is said to be taking the necessary steps to tie the knot with his much younger girlfriend.

This month, both Galecki and Meyer have been spotted with rings on their left hands. Johnny was seen wearing what appeared to be a wedding band on Wednesday, while Alaina rocked a diamond-studded band on her finger via a recent Instagram post.

Bozajian revealed on Valentine’s Day that Johnny had asked Alaina’s father if he could marry her, and that he was given the approval. As for the rings that they’ve been sporting, Evan claims that they are more of a “pre-engagement” token of the couple’s affection.

“One day they don’t have their rings on and the next they do. They don’t refer to them as ‘promise rings’ but in anyone’s mind, that’s implied,” he stated, adding that Galecki did the right thing in asking his father’s permission to wed his sister.

“My dad is old-fashioned so Johnny figured asking him for my sister’s hand in marriage would be respectful thing to do instead of outright [proposing] on his own,” Evan stated.

As for Johnny Galecki’s involvement with Alaina Meyer’s family, Bozajian says that the Big Bang Theory star is a “good guy,” and that he’s not a typical Hollywood star with a huge ego, adding that it’s “refreshing” to see him be so down to earth, and that he’s become close with their family.

According to E! News, Meyer’s father, John Stryker Meyer, was a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, and has written three books about his time in the Vietnam War as a Green Beret. On her Instagram page, Alaina has a photo of herself with her dad, calling him her “everything.”

Johnny and Alaina first sparked romance rumors last summer, and officially made their public debut as a couple during the People’s Choice Awards last year.

The couple are said to be very serious about one another, and even got tattoos of each other’s initials to prove it. Meyer’s has “JG” inked on her forearm with a skull underneath, while Galecki has “AMM” printed on his hand with a heart under it.

Fans can see more of Johnny Galecki and Alaina Meyer’s relationship by following the couple on Instagram.

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