‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Winner Tamar Braxton Picks Which Houseguests She Would Have Lost To In A Final Two

Singer Tamar Braxton is enjoying being $250,000 richer after winning Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 on Wednesday night. The reality star beat out former NFL player Ricky Williams by a unanimous vote of 9-0 after her former roommates placed their votes for the season’s big winner.

Tamar might have beaten Ricky in a landslide, but if she had been sitting next to someone else in the final two, she doesn’t feel like she would have taken home the win. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Tamar after her victory on Wednesday night, and questioned the winner on who she thought she couldn’t beat in a final two.

“There are several people that I couldn’t beat at the end. I mean, let me start with Kato, let me start with Tom, let me start with Dina. I didn’t think I could beat her. I didn’t think I could beat Kandi, she had a lot of friends in the house. I didn’t think I could beat Lolo. I mean, when you’re in that bubble, you feel like everybody’s chances are better than yours,” she said.

The Braxton Family Values star went on to explain that her being outspoken and loud could have caused the votes to go to another player if the final two was different. Tamar felt she had put a target on her back by being so open and honest throughout the season, and thought no one was going to vote for her regardless of who she was sitting next to.

On the other side of things, Tamar explained in her interview that she made a lot of lifelong friends with strong bonds, so she could have had a shot against anyone she was sitting next to.

Entertainment Weekly then flipped the script on Tamar, and gave her the scenario of Ricky taking Lolo or Dina to the end. The media outlet inquired as to her thoughts on the potential outcomes of those scenarios.

In her eyes, Tamar believed Ricky had the best chance of winning against Lolo. Game wise, the singer believed Ricky played a better game than Lolo, seeing as he had three Head of Household and two Power of Veto wins — wins which he secured at the right time for his friends and alliance members.

Ricky would have had a tough time beating Dina in a final two, Tamar believes, because the famous momager was the mother figure in the house — and everyone loved her.

Big Brother Season 21 will return this June, with Julie Chen hosting.

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