This Valentine’s Day, Show Your ‘Galactic Love’ With A Space-Themed NASA E-Card

On Valentine’s Day, tell your sweetheart that you love them to the moon and back with a “flirty and nerdy” collection of E-cards, courtesy of NASA.

The U.S. space agency is celebrating the international day of love by taking things to a whole new level – an intergalactic one. To help people profess their out-of-this-world devotion to their loved ones, NASA has come up with the ingenious idea of letting space – as in, outer space – do all the talking.

The space agency has selected a stunning variety of spectacular space photos – encompassing snapshots from all over the solar system and beyond – which have been coupled with adorable, amorous messages. Each message is specifically chosen to echo the image in a witty play-on-words.

These eye-catching space snaps have been converted into romantic “intergalactic” e-cards, which you can now send to your valentine to show them that your feelings run deeper than terrestrial boundaries.

“Feelin’ flirty and nerdy? Send a free @NASA Valentine’s Day card,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory posted on Twitter.

Among the glorious space images that you can use to express your “galactic love” with are sensational views of the planets in our solar system, such as the famous heart of Pluto – a massive heart-shaped plain of nitrogen ice known as Tombaugh Regio – and a variety of tiny heart-shaped depressions found in different locations on Mars.

The NASA Valentine’s Day collection also includes a mesmerizing snapshot of a glacier on Earth, which displays a heart-shaped calving, as well as a glorious photo of our planet as seen from the surface of the moon. This particular e-card is accompanied by a humorous message saying, “I love you to the moon and back (465,935 miles to be exact).”

The fabulous string of “intergalactic” e-cards also boasts a couple of images from outside of the Milky Way galaxy.

One of these photos shows a pair of intersecting galaxies swirling together in the shape of a cosmic rose. The snapshot was captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in 2011, on the occasion of its 21st anniversary, notes the HubbleSite.

To help you spread the love, NASA has captioned these dazzling images with memorable, heartfelt messages that are bound to sweep your valentine off their feet. Some of the most adorable e-card messages include candid lines such as “I’m so glad I discovered you,” and “You’re Mars-velous.”

Other e-cards display more playful messages, such as “Put a ring on it,” shown on a snapshot of Saturn and its rings; “I like the way you roll,” etched over an image of a Mars rover wheel; and “You’re the light of my life,” showcased in a sweltering photo of the sun.

This latest collection adds to the bundle of animated e-cards that NASA released last year on Valentine’s Day.

To send your own “intergalactic” e-card, go to the NASA website, pick your favorite space image complete with a romantic caption, add a personal touch by typing a few words of your own, and let the romance take you away.

However you choose to express your feelings to your loved ones this year, we at the Inquisitr would like to wish you all a cosmic Valentine’s Day.

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