5 Times Beth Chapman Opened Up About Her Cancer Battle

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, Beth Chapman, is beloved by her fans worldwide. The reality star takes time out of her busy schedule to share updates with her followers about her ongoing battle with throat cancer, which was found during an emergency surgery to remove a blockage. Since finding out that her cancer has returned, she has taken to Instagram to share her struggles, and triumphs, as she copes with a new reality.

Below are five updates from the Dog and Beth: On The Hunt starlet regarding her cancer battle.

1. When she announced her cancer had returned.

Chapman shared a snap of herself and her husband, Duane, cuddled up in a hospital bed following surgery. Looking exhausted from the ordeal, she told her fans that although she has hit a bump in the road, it was not the end for her.

2. When she revealed she was planning her own funeral.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Chapman took over the load of planning her own funeral to take the burden off of her husband. Dog opened up about the heartbreaking news, and said that she’s been overseeing the details should the worst happen.

“She’s like, ‘Here’s the casket I want, and here’s the flowers.’ I said, ‘Beth, don’t say that.’ And she said, ‘What? You don’t want me planning my funeral? Well, I’m going to. And she’ll say, ‘You have to face the facts.’ But I don’t want to.”

3. When she looked happy, and healthy, while enjoying a Christmas cocktail.

While exploring alternative treatments for her incurable cancer, the Chapman’s decided that Beth would undergo chemotherapy. The family shared that she was using over the counter medications as well, and said that she was preparing for the fight of her life.

“She was given a 50/50 chance of the chemotherapy working, so the Chapmans are searching for other treatments, including in Boston, Houston, and possibly at MD Anderson,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Shortly after, Chapman shared a snap of herself post-Christmas shopping, smiling wide as she sipped on a yummy-looking martini.

4. When she shared an update following her first chemotherapy treatment.

Posting a selfie after starting her lengthy chemotherapy treatments, Chapman showed off her stunning blonde locks, and told her fans that “it’s only hair.” She also added the hashtags “cancer sucks,” and “stay humble pray.” The bounty-hunting couple had just arrived in Hawaii to begin taping their new show for WGN, Dog’s Most Wanted, and fans were happy to see her staying positive and looking radiant.

5. When she explored CBD oil as a treatment solution.

Chapman recently attended the Hawaii Cannabis Expo, and shared some photos from her time there and what she learned. She mused that folks need to be more open-minded about treatment options, and that using poison — such as chemotherapy — is no longer the only source of healing.

As always, fans will be keeping an eye out on Beth — and entire Chapman family — for more updates on the reality star’s continued path to healing.

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