5 Takeaways From The Jussie Smollett Interview

Empire star Jussie Smollett is opening up about the attack he recently experienced while in Chicago. The actor talked with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts and the interview aired Thursday morning. A tearful Smollett recounted the incident he says happened two weeks ago, and he is standing by what he says happened, despite those who have voiced doubts.

He Wanted To Clarify Inaccuracies That Have Been Detailed

During the Good Morning America interview, Smollett worked on correcting mistakes in the reporting of what happened that night. Some reports said that the alleged attackers were wearing supposedly Trump-related “MAGA” hats.

However, Jussie says that he never said that was the case. The Empire star says that the attackers called him a “f***ot” and “n*gger,” so he doesn’t need a MAGA hat as a “cherry on top of a racist sundae” to prove what their viewpoints were.

In addition, Smollett says that some reports of the injuries he received were inaccurate. While Jussie did have some bruised ribs and a sore clavicle, he did not have cracked ribs as some reported.

He Believed Video Would Support His Narrative Of The Attack

Another key takeaway from the segment was when the Empire actor said he walked police through the attack that night. Smollett took them down to the street to walk through the incident, and Jussie was relieved when he looked up and saw a camera affixed to a light post that was right at the intersection in question.

Unfortunately, Jussie explained, the police soon told him that the camera had been facing north, away from where Smollett said the attack played out. The Empire star says he was incredibly disappointed to learn that, but he feels sure that there must be video footage somewhere of the attack.

He Wants People To Know The Truth & That He Fought

When asked what Smollett thinks people need to hear from this, he said that he wants people to understand the truth. Jussie said that, in particular, he wants young people, members of the LGBTQ community, and black children to know how strong they are.

Smollett also talked about how he fought back against the attackers, and he thinks it’s important people know that. Jussie says that the attackers ran away, not him, and he hopes that this helps rewrite the narrative about that night.

He Says He’s Permanently Changed Now

A tearful Jussie explained that he is forever changed by this incident, and he’ll never again be the same man he was before that night. Despite the hurt he endured, Smollett says that people have a responsibility and a right to create something meaningful out of what they experience, both the good things and the bad things.

Jussie noted that he respects others who have been attacked in any way, and he believes people do a disservice to other victims when they lie. Throughout the interview, the Empire actor maintained that what he reported was accurate and wiped away tears throughout the segment.

He Is Unsure How He Will Heal If There’s No Closure

Smollett noted that he’s not sure how he’ll heal if the people who attacked him are never caught. The investigation into the actor’s alleged attack continues, and new information about people of interest has recently been revealed.

Will Jussie Smollett be vindicated when the investigation is finished, given all of the doubt that’s been voiced about what happened? The Empire actor’s interview was an emotional one that definitely will surely have an impact on those who watch it.

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