’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ashley Martson Drops Divorce Filing

While many people look forward to a fresh, positive revamp of life with the introduction of a new year, 90 Day Fiancé’s Ashley Martson experienced nothing but a whirlwind of problems since January, according to PopCulture. For her, the year began badly as fraud accusations for lying to her audience hung over both her and husband Jay Smith. Next, she filed for divorce from Smith after cheating allegations sprang up around him. Just days before filing, she was hospitalized for renal failure, and followed up that experience by withdrawing her divorce papers.

Prior to her divorce filing, both Martson and Smith stood suspected of lying to their fans, according to InTouch. Martson, who claims she suffers from lupus, received accusations that she was misrepresenting her illness and feigning a diagnosis. Smith, on the other hand, constructed a fake Instagram page which both Martson and Smith have since admitted authoring. However, Martson said that the page centered on averting further fraud already being committed against the couple. The pair learned that an old friend was sharing pictures and stories about them without their approval, and their phony Instagram page was created to dissuade that person from continuing the unwanted distribution of private information.

While the past few months have been a rollercoaster for Martson, it appears she is trying to save her marriage to Smith. According to Us Weekly, on January 11, 2019, Martson filed her divorce papers among rumors that Smith had been cheating. A few days after the pair wed in Las Vegas, Martson realized that Smith was still using dating apps to meet other women. Since that discovery, the couple has experienced a rocky relationship and Martson feared that Smith would not be faithful.

However, perhaps Smith’s support during Martson’s recent bout of renal failure changed her mind. Three days before Martson filed for divorce, she was discovered unconscious at her home and rushed to this hospital. For his part, Smith, who was out of the country when Martson was first admitted to the hospital, immediately returned to America and rushed to be with his sick wife. After her release, and less than two weeks after filing, Martson pulled the divorce papers, paving the way for a potential reconciliation.

“I was very sick a few weeks ago and was admitted into the ER for a seizure and acute renal failure,” Martson said, according to InTouch. “After three doctors and many decisions regarding dialysis and a possible port placement, they first decided to try IV treatments and medications for blood calcium/potassium levels as an alternative.”

Fans of the couple’s show 90 Day Fiance are now left wondering if the pair will appear again on another TLC series, or if the pair might share their reconciliation attempt in a reality spinoff.

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