‘My 600-LB Life’ Brandon’s Weight-Loss Pictures: See If The Musician Overcame Painful Condition To Lose Weight

Brandon came to My 600-lb Life desperately in need of change, but struggling to overcome a very painful condition. Now, viewers will get to see if the musician could get the treatment he needed in order to lose weight.

The latest episode of the TLC docu-series focused on Brandon, a musician who endured a difficult and painful trip to Houston to see the famed Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for treatment. Clips of the episode showed Brandon breaking down in the airport amid the pain and embarrassment of the condition, Monsters and Critics noted.

While most of the people who appeared on the show struggled with difficult upbringings that led them to food addictions, Brandon had an added complication — a condition known as lymphedema, one that leaves painful and dangerous buildup of fluid in his left leg.

That left him with an even more complicated weight-loss journey, with few treatments for the condition — and complications that made it difficult for him to get regular activity.

But Brandon seemed especially motivated to lose weight, Newsweek noted. He is a talented musician, and had dreams of traveling to Italy to sing opera and to become a music teacher. He also had plans to marry his girlfriend, Taylor. Brandon knew that he needed to lose a significant amount of weight to achieve either of those dreams, and also to help take the burden off of his mother.

“It’s not fair that my mom has to provide for me when I should be helping her out and this isn’t a life for me or for Taylor,” Brandon said, via Newsweek. “I want us to get married but right now if I propose to her what kind of life would I be offering her? She’d be saying yes to being my caretaker. That’s not fair to her.”

For those appearing on My 600-lb Life and getting treatment from Dr. Nowzaradan, motivation is often the key to success. Those who have goals to achieve — and family members to help — tend to have a higher rate of success from the show. It was not clear how much weight Brandon may have lost after appearing on My 600-lb Life.

Those who want to see if Brandon has any weight-loss photos to share after appearing on My 600-lb Life will have to wait until after the episode airs, as TLC released few details of his progress before the scheduled airing of his episode on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST. Those who want to see any photos can check out the official My 600-lb Life website, or the TLC Twitter feed, where progress photos are often shared after the episode airs.

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