Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jason Pressures Shiloh, Nelle Reaches Out, & Anna Rattles Robert

The latest General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode reveal that there will be quite a few questions asked, and fans will be speculating about what comes next. Viewers now know without a doubt that Shiloh is up to no good, but nobody knows exactly what the scoop is on him. It looks like Jason will be trying to learn more and Sam is continuing on her plan as well.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shares that Jason will approach Shiloh, and he won’t be starting the visit with a friendly tone. Shiloh and Harmony thought that they’d dealt with Jason’s visit to Beecher’s Corners pretty well, but Jason obviously isn’t convinced that Dawn of Day is all about inspiration and innocent support.

Jason will tell Shiloh that he still has questions about exactly what the group is doing. Of course, Jason won’t ultimately get any straight answers from the Dawn of Day leader, but it may also be that Shiloh will underestimate how determined Jason is to uncover the truth.

As Jason tries to coax information out of Shiloh, General Hospital spoilers note that Kristina will urge Alexis to come back to Dawn of Day for another seminar. While Alexis was skeptical of what D.O.D. had to offer, she probably will have to admit to Kristina that her previous visit was helpful. For now, however, it seems that Alexis will turn to her new therapist for support rather than Shiloh.

Sam will tell someone that she’s not with Jason, and General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Kristina will have a moment of jealousy this week as she spots Sam and Shiloh together. Sam will be spending Valentine’s Day with Shiloh rather than Jason, but it’s all just a way to get the scoop on D.O.D.

Finn and Robert are trying to figure out what the deal is on Dr. Cabot and the virus, and it sounds like they’ll have a meeting scheduled with the doctor. However, General Hospital spoilers note that Anna will try to tag along and Robert will try to nudge her to the side.

As the Inquisitr shared previously, Willow will approach Brad as he’s holding “Wiley.” She’ll make it clear that she knows exactly who he is, and who she thinks the baby is, and she’ll nudge him to admit he’s aware of who she is, too. Brad’s nervousness and desperation are only going to increase as the walls close in on him with the baby swap, and fans are anxious to see him exposed.

On another baby-related note, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle will reach out to Michael during Wednesday’s show. It looks like she’ll perhaps send him a valentine of sorts and Chase will joke about it without realizing who it’s from.

What is Nelle’s point with this latest contact? Fans will have to tune in to find out, but it’s surely not anything Michael will be happy about.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that all of these hot storylines will take some time to play out with plenty of twists and turns on the horizon. As the week continues, there will be a lot more connected to Franco and Ryan, and Thursday’s show is expected to reveal both a pregnancy and a sudden wedding. Fans are buzzing over everything coming their way and can’t wait to watch it all play out.

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