New Orleans Comes Alive For 'Boycott Bowl' As Saints Fans Avoid Super Bowl LIII At All Costs

Danny Cox

When the NFC Championship Game came to an end, the Los Angeles Rams were on their way to Super Bowl LIII, but the focus was elsewhere. Near the end of the game, the New Orleans Saints were victims of a non-call, which the NFL admitted was a mistake and that it was a "blown" situation. That contributed to the Saints not going to Super Bowl LIII, and on February 3, 2019, the city of New Orleans wants nothing to do with the biggest game of the year.

The Rams defeated the Saints 26-23 in overtime and earned the right to face the New England Patriots for the championship. As reported by Inquisitr, the spotlight focused on a missed pass interference call, which was blatant, as admitted by Rams Nickell Robey-Coleman, but it was already too late.

Lawsuits have been filed. Grievances have been voiced. Petitions have gained hundreds of thousands of signatures but to no avail. The Saints' season came to an end and the Rams took the top spot in the NFC for the year and will play in Super Bowl LIII.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell skirted around the topic during Super Bowl week, and chalked it up to mistakes happening and that referees are "human."

The city of New Orleans feels as if they've been disrespected and that their Saints were cheated out of a championship opportunity. Due to that, the Who Dat Nation gathered together on Sunday, February 3, 2019, to avoid and ignore the "Lie Bowl," "Super Bowl LIE," and everything else they could possibly call it.

Instead, New Orleans celebrated the "Boycott Bowl" with thousands of people present.

Thousands upon thousands of people decked out in black and gold filled the streets of New Orleans to party and ignore the television. They wanted nothing to do with the game between the Rams and Patriots, but they weren't going to miss a good party.

Second lines were being held all around the city while fans sang, chanted, cheered, and had a great time honoring their team.

As a matter of fact, most fans already planned ahead and turned their televisions on before leaving their homes. In order to make the "Boycott Bowl" truly felt, they turned all TVs on and made sure they weren't on CBS to hurt the ratings for Super Bowl LIII and the NFL. The Saints may or may not have had their championship wrongfully taken away from them, but the city of New Orleans is making sure their voice is heard in a big and loud way.