ASAP Rocky Confirms New Relationship, Slams Rumors About Open Relationships And Threesomes

ASAP Rocky is officially off the market. The famed rapper, who previously dated Kendall Jenner, has confirmed he is in a committed relationship. According to the Jasmine Brand, ASAP Rocky is dating upcoming model Jasmine Daniels. It has been reported that ASAP has been making appearances to promote his upcoming album.

During his recent interview, ASAP was asked about his infamous wild parties and fast lifestyle. Surprisingly, ASAP Rocky admitted that this year is quite different — he’s focused on a different type of lifestyle. Instead of partying with lots of adoring women, ASAP admitted he typically allows his girlfriend to invite women to parties, but only when “it’s necessary.”

“The Gangsta party? You know, I been chilling on some 2019 stuff. I got a girlfriend. I let her invite girls to the party, if it’s necessary. I’m not in an open relationship.”

ASAP Rocky was also asked about his life behind closed doors. It’s no secret that the ladies love ASAP. In fact, he typically leaves most concert venues with a handful of bras. On multiple occasions, he’s shared photos of the keepsakes he’s received from women. When threesomes became a topic of discussion, ASAP explained why he typically tries to steer clear of making those types of decisions. The rapper used R. Kelly’s ongoing scandal as an example of why he is selective when it comes to sexual encounters. While he admitted he’s not opposed to threesomes, he revealed he allows his girlfriend to make those decisions.

“With all the R. Kelly stuff going on right now and all the Me Too movement, I think that’s my security at this point – to kind of be with one woman, you know a woman’s intuition and a woman’s judgment is always more mature, more smart. I would let my lady choose a lady partner before I would these days because she can dictate or differentiate somebody that’s just negative energy better than me,” he explained.

The latest news follows a string of reports about ASAP Rocky’s previous involvement with Kendall Jenner. After the pair had been spotted in public on numerous occasions, the dating rumors began circulating. Initially, they remained quiet about their relationship, but in 2017, it was confirmed that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was dating the rapper. An insider close to Kendall shared details about the relationship during an interview with the Sun.

Unfortunately, the relationship was short-lived, but now, ASAP insists he’s happy.