Chris Christie Takes Aim At Jared Kushner In His New Book About The Trump Administration

In his new book, former New Jersey Governor and District Attorney Chris Christie is taking aim at Jared Kushner, and calling him out for costing him a job in the Trump administration seemingly as payback for a slight against the Kushner family. Now in what seems to be a game of an eye for an eye, it’s Christie’s turn to pay back Trump’s senior advisor just as the Mueller investigation narrows to the president’s inner circle.

Slate says that Chris Christie was part of the Trump campaign and transition team, confident that he was in line for a senior White House position when according to his new memoir, Let Me Finish, Jared Kushner cut his legs out from under him. It was common knowledge that Christie was the prosecutor on the case which put the Trump son-in-law’s father, Charles Kushner, behind bars for witness tampering and tax evasion.

Christie says that Steve Bannon was given the job of telling the New Jersey politician that there was no place for him in the Trump administration.

“Steve Bannon … made clear to me that one person and one person only was responsible for the faceless execution that Steve was now attempting to carry out. Jared Kushner, still apparently seething over events that had occurred a decade ago.”

Bannon confided in Christie that Kushner had been gunning for him since day one.

“The kid’s been taking an ax to your head with the boss ever since I got here.”

In the book, Christie rehashes Charles Kushner’s crimes which his son called a “family matter” to be handled personally, and that his father was unfairly prosecuted.

In 2005, Charles Kushner was prosecuted for federal crimes which took a tawdry turn. Christie’s prosecution put Charles Kushner into a federal prison for over a year for hiring “a sex worker to seduce his brother-in-law, filmed them having sex, and sent the tape to his own sister in an attempt to blackmail the couple into silence over their knowledge of Charles’ financial crimes.”

Christie says that Jared Kushner wanted to make sure that Christie knew he was the one holding him back on the transition team. In front of Christie and others, Ivanka Trump’s husband asked the president not to make Christie the chairman of the transition team, saying that the former prosecutor took a family matter to be handled within the Kushner clan and perhaps “by rabbis” and made it into a criminal matter.

In the book, Christie also takes a swipe at Donald Trump, making a joke about his extra long ties, says the Huffington Post. The former New Jersey governor says that Trump told him that extra long ties make husky men look slimmer.

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