Drake Gets Called Out By Clemson After Alabama’s Heavy National Championship Defeat

Alabama football fans are claiming rapper Drake is cursed and he caused them to lose the College Football Playoff National Championship to Clemson.

After the New Year, Drake posted a video of himself wearing an Alabama sweatshirt as he chatted about resolutions, reported ABC 7.

“All that resolution stuff is great. All that mental talk to yourself is great. But what you got to do on the first, you got to get up and actually do it,” Drake said in the video recorded at a gym.

The Alabama football Twitter account shared Drake’s video with the caption, “Get your mind right! Motivation from Drake repping Bama!” It was posted before the big game.

Except Alabama fans freaked out when they saw the tweet and video, saying they did not want his endorsement of their team because he’s “bad luck.” He didn’t have any affiliation with the team and everyone labeled him a bandwagoner anyway, reported TMZ.

Even ESPN chimed in and taunted Drake, sharing a collage of photos of Drake wearing sweatshirts of different teams – all of whom apparently have had losing seasons. Kentucky basketball hasn’t earned any titles since 2012 and the Toronto Raptors have never been to the finals.

“Will Alabama fall victim to the Drake curse?” the tweet read on Jan. 3

Well, it’s true. Alabama lost and in a big way to Clemson – 44 to 16.

Clemson decided there was no way they would let this one go, either. The college football program took to Twitter for a few potshots at Drake.

“Someone get this man a shirt with a Tiger Paw quick,” the tweet said.

But Clemson fans freaked out and said no way! Clemson Football then tweeted its apologies.

“Our followers have unanimously voted against this, apologies Drake,” the program jokingly stated.

Twitter user @Cody_A_Day chimed in, too.

“So the Drake curse gotta be real. Alabama really went out like that,” he wrote.

The rest of the college football world had a blast on Twitter, too. They taunted Drake and asked him to refrain from wearing their team’s apparel.

Mike Golic Jr. questioned how this game’s outcome could ever be explained.

“How are we gonna explain to our kids that Drake took down the most powerful dynasty in modern college football?” he tweeted.

Drunk Nick Saban completely blamed Drake for Alabama’s big loss.

“This is all Drake’s fault,” he tweeted.

Arden Key directly linked Drake to all of the losses that have occurred since he wore other teams’ apparel.

“Is it me or is Drake bad luck for sports?” he tweeted.

Another sports fan asked Drake to wear the apparel of his favorite team’s opponent for the next game.

“I hope Drake pops up with a Cowboys hoodie this week,” Chancellor Johnson tweeted.

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