Jameela Jamil Sports Jeans Under Her Golden Globe Gown In An Effort To Stay Warm

The 2019 Golden Globe awards are already full of surprises, not to mention some noteworthy fashion choices. However, the fashion statement that was perhaps the most unusual was sported by actress Jameela Jamil. Jamil stars on the hit show, The Good Place, which was nominated for best television series in the musical or comedy category. She showed up at the formal event in a glamorous Monique Lhuillier dress, with heels to match. However, underneath the expensive gown the actress was wearing a pair of jeans, according to People.

The choice to wear jeans underneath her gown was not a fashion statement or an attempt to stand out. Rather, Jamil simply wanted to stay warm throughout the night.

“An experienced woman wears jeans under her Golden Globes gown because it’s forking COLD,” the 32-year-old actress said on Twitter before the ceremony. Her terminology was a nod to The Good Place, in which modified cursing is used as a form of comedy. She accompanied her post with a short video clip showing her hidden jeans to show she wasn’t kidding.

She later said that she simply prefers comfort over fashion. She didn’t want to spend the evening freezing just for the sake of looking glamorous.

“I refuse to be cold for fashion,” Jamil said on her Instagram story.

It was a relatively chilly night by Los Angeles standards at about 58 degrees. The actress wasn’t embarrassed by her fashion choice and even jokingly showed off her jeans at the event. She was photographed on the red carpet lifting up her long gown to reveal her hidden pants with the assistance of co-star William Jackson Harper, who is seen looking at the ensemble quizzically.

Along with her jeans and designer gown, Jamil also sported a clutch depicting a Times Up X2 ribbon. The actress, along with many other celebrities who attended the 2019 Golden Globe ceremony, were seen with the slogan which is meant to support the movement to end sexual harassment in the work place.

“Celebrating @timesupnow effort to double the amount of women and minorities at the helm of Hollywood and the height of all women industries,” she added on her Instagram story.

Jamil and her co-stars were hoping to land their first Golden Globe tonight for The Good Place. Kristen Bell, the lead actress on the show, will also be recognized. She was nominated for best actress for her role on the series.

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