New iPad Journal App ‘Quiller’ Helps Solve Writer’s Block

The new iPad journal app Quiller wants to put an end to writer’s block.

The app aims to be a handy tool for anyone suffering from the frustrating condition in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. Quiller seeks to help writers avoid such a block.

Quiller announced the debut of its new journal app in a February 13 press release that described its function as follows:

“More than just a simple journal, this interactive app will take first timers and avid journalers to new heights in how they experience and impact the world around them.”

The app was created by Amy Randolph, who says she’s been a journal writer for over 30 years. She spoke about her motivation to create the app in Wednesday’s press release:

“I developed Quiller in response to a need. Many people want to write about their lives but don’t know how to get started or keep the momentum. Quiller is about accessing complex emotions that can be difficult to describe. Quiller provides direction, encouragement, even insight, to help users capture their experiences in ways that can have a healthy, productive impact on their lives.”

The iPad journal app works by giving writers access to quotes and “thought-provoking” prompts written by experts. Available on iTunes for $1.99, Quiller comes with five writing categories and over 200 prompts. Additional categories and prompts can be downloaded separately.

Randolph said:

“The additional categories aren’t just there to help journalers address a variety of life’s challenges and personal growth opportunities. We want to put an end to writer’s block once and for all.”

According to Wikipedia, the severity of writer’s block can range from trivial to extreme. It can cause an author to remain blocked for several years or in severe cases indefinitely. The condition has been known to affect well known writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles M. Schulz.

Would you try a iPad journal app, like Quiller, to help solve writer’s block?