Leah Remini Demands Answers About Missing Scientology Leader’s Wife On Latest Episode Of A&E Series

Leah Remini is demanding answers about the missing wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, Shelly, in the latest episode of her A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

It is a question that has haunted the ex-Scientologist turned whistleblower for over a decade, ever since Shelly Miscavige was missing from one of the biggest events the religion ever hosted: the wedding of Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes in November of 2006.

The Daily Beast reported that author Lawrence Wright, who penned the book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, noted that Shelly Miscavige’s high-level Scientology jobs included acting as a right-hand woman as well as a handler to Scientology’s biggest star, Tom Cruise, as well as working directly under her husband in an official capacity.

Remini noted on her A&E series, which featured several prominent ex-Scientologists who also questioned the whereabouts of Mrs. Miscaviage, that she would be happy to just know that her former friend was okay.

Remini began asking guests and Scientology officials at the bash why Shelly was nowhere to be found, and says she was subsequently “punished for asking where the leader’s wife was.”

Miscavige served as Cruise’s best man.

The Daily Mail reported in 2016 that it was unclear why Shelly had not been seen in public since 2007.

Remini filed a missing person’s report on Miscavige in 2013 with the Los Angeles Police Department.

It was reported that Miscavige spoke with members of the LAPD and said she was fine and not being held against her will by the Church. Her location remains unknown.


Valerie Haney, a former Scientologist for 22 years as a member of the church’s fraternal religious order Sea Org, was also the personal assistant to Shelly Miscavige.

Haney said on an episode of Scientology and the Aftermath that she last saw David Miscaviage’s wife “crying and entering a vehicle outside Gold Base, the international headquarters of the Church of Scientology in Riverside County, California.”

“What [Miscavige] is doing with his wife, hiding her and not having her anywhere around, I don’t get it. That is heartless to me,” claimed Haney.

Tony Ortega, a former Scientologist who writes a blog called The Underground Bunker that takes on the religious organization, noted on Twitter on December 18 “Scientology threatened to sue over last night’s episode, settled for sliming Leah & Mike instead.”

He also stated of Shelly Miscavige on Twitter, “Scientology has been very effective at keeping her out of sight. But if she died, I think we’d know it fairly quickly, for various reasons. For that reason, I think it’s most likely that she’s still alive at the CST base.”

One day before the show’s premiere, counsel for David and Shelly Miscavige responded to the announcement of this episode with a letter dated December 16 that included the following statement.

“Remini is a foaming anti-Scientologist,” it began, as noted on the A&E series.

“Mrs. Miscaviagte has personally and repeatedly told law enforcement that Remini’s acts are abusive. Remini is unhinged and Remini and her cohorts should be prosecuted for knowingly filing a false missing person’s report. Mrs. Miscaviage is intentionally engaged provoking hate crimes against her husband and her church.”

The statement bizarrely concluded with, “Now like Jason from the Friday the 13th, Remini is back at the same ‘Where is Shelly’ story that law enforcement repeatedly debunked.”

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