‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Jason Gets Bold, Elizabeth’s Angry, & Things Heat Up For Chase & Willow

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 17 hint that there are buzzworthy developments on the horizon. Lulu and Charlotte are ready to confront the truth about the little girl’s treatment of Aiden — and it looks like Jason is ready to lay it all on the line with Sam. What else is on the way during the coming week?

As viewers saw during Friday’s episode, Lulu took Charlotte to Elizabeth’s house so that she could apologize to Aiden. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will all be rather shocking to Liz, and Soap Central hints that Elizabeth’s temper may boil over due to the surprise.

It’s possible that Liz’s anger will be related to Cameron’s antics, or something else. However, it sounds as if she may be pretty heated over finding out just how rough things have been for Aiden at school due to Charlotte’s antics. Will this apology resolve the issues? General Hospital spoilers have hinted that there’s still more trouble to come on this front.

Jason has been incredibly patient in letting Sam work through her feelings, andto decide what she wants in terms of her future and her love life. Sam and Jason have come very close to romantically reuniting more than once in recent weeks, but they always get interrupted — or hold back.

However, General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason may decide to open up and let Sam know just how strongly he still feels for her. “JaSam” fans have been anxious for a full-fledged reunion for months now, and they have been frustrated at the lack of forward progress with this storyline. Is the tide about to turn on this front?

SheKnows Soaps details that during the coming week, Sam will feel anxious — but she will apparently receive support from Jason. In addition, she’ll soon get a troubling message. Viewers are hesitant to embrace this storyline regarding her shady past, but there are signs that things could become quite interesting as this all plays out.

Chase and Willow have been gingerly working on a romance, and it has already encountered some rough spots. However, General Hospital spoilers note that Chase will try to get more time with Willow in the days ahead.

Lulu will be quizzing Chase over something, although it’s not clear whether that’s related to his police work or his love life. While many are rooting for the pairing of Chase and Willow, fans know that Michael may soon play spoiler when it comes to this romance.

Carly will be trying to help someone, Oscar will be putting his loved ones ahead of himself, and Nina will soon get a shocker. General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Sam and Kristina will be butting heads over something soon — and there’s more trouble brewing between Carly and Sonny over Margaux. All signs point toward the coming week being one jam-packed with drama and action, and fans won’t want to miss any of the chaos ahead.