Piers Morgan Wants To Be Donald Trump’s Next Chief Of Staff

After the announcement of Chief of Staff John Kelly’s resignation, which is set to come at the end of the year, a buzz has been growing over who will take over the position. One man who would be great for the job? Piers Morgan — or at least, that’s what he believes.

In an op-ed piece written for the Daily Mail on Tuesday, December 11, the Good Morning Britain host formally applied for the position, and listed in detail why he would be an excellent choice.

Piers began his letter by acknowledging that the key thing for Trump is “to have someone at your side that understands you, has known you a long time, likes you and commands your respect,” and that he embodies all of those characteristics. He recalled what Trump said to him when being named his first Celebrity Apprentice winner a decade ago — explaining that his words could just have easily been a description of Donald Trump himself.

The morning show host also argued that there was a major reason why other contenders for the position weren’t clamoring to be the next choice — because “everyone knows there can only be one chief in the White House, and his name is Donald J. Trump.”

“You’re two years into your first term as President and if you want to reach four years, let alone get re-elected in 2020, then it’s time to recalibrate your system and style,” Piers wrote. “And it’s time to get a Chief of Staff who can help you do that.”

Morgan continued his application with a list of ten reasons why he is suitable for the job, including his focus on getting more media coverage for his achievements. He also claimed that he would be an excellent ear for his tweets before actually posting them, noting that he has an affinity for the social media platform as well — and suffers a similar fate as the president sometimes does with regards to his own tweets.

And while the inaugural Celebrity Apprentice champion has at times been critical of the president, he explained that it has always been “with respect, not abuse,” and that if he was offered the Chief of Staff position, he would not be afraid to look the president in the eye and tell him “when you’re being an idiot.”

Morgan finished his piece by alerting the president that he has immediate availability for an interview for the position.

President Trump has not yet commented on Morgan’s candidacy.

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