See The Best ‘Smocking Gun’ Tweets In One Place, As Twitter Cracks Up Over Trump’s Repeated Spelling Error

On Monday morning, following last week’s revelations in court documents linking Donald Trump to felonies committee by his former lawyer as well as to possible collusion with Russia — revelations that, as Inquisitr reported, some experts say could ultimately put Trump behind bars — Trump took to his preferred form of self-expression, Twitter, to attack the Russia investigation, attempting to say that no “smoking gun” had been found tying him to Russian collusion.

Except, as the Inquisitr noted, in the Twitter post in which he used the phrase, Trump spelled the word “smoking” incorrectly — instead spelling the word as “smocking.” And Trump misspelled the simple, seven-letter word not just once in the tweet, but twice.

In fact, setting to rest any speculation that the error was simply a typographical error, a search of Trump’s past postings using the Trump Twitter Archive database illustrates that Monday’s Twitter post was not the first time that Trump spelled “smoking” as “smocking” on Twitter. He also made the misspelling on August 1, in a tweet that has since been deleted, making him — as author and Twitter user Jessica Shortall punned — “a chain smocker.”

But Shortall was just one of hundreds of Twitter users who posted messages Monday, ridiculing Trump’s misspelling of “smoking.” This was to be a long list, one that included a number of celebrities and prominent people — such as actress Mia Farrow, Star Trek star George Takei, and even Monica Lewinsky, who became famous as the White House intern who had a sexual affair with President Bill Clinton.

Comedian Kathy Griffin critiqued Trump via Twitter, and even Merriam-Webster got in on the fun, as did Two and a Half men Star Jon Cryer.

Even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary editors had their say.

Another Twitter user was reminded of the 1973 hit song “The Joker” by The Steve Miller Band.

Ultra-conservative radio host Bill Mitchell, however, saw Trump’s “smocking” tweet as a deliberate way to provoke liberals.

And others, including California congressional rep Ted Lieu, lawyer George Conway — husband of Trump adviser and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway — and Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe were less interested in Trump’s apparent inability to spell “smoking” correctly, and more concerned with the substance of Trump’s Twitter post.

Finally, for the second time in three days, Trump found himself trolled on Twitter by Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling.

As Inquisitr reported, Rowling mocked an earlier Trump tweetstorm on Saturday, via her own Twitter account. Trump’s frequent Twitter use has become a mainstay of his communications strategy with voters, and is frequently the topic of much discussion whenever the president deigns to offer his thoughts via the popular social media platform.

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