Erin Johnson Repeatedly Threw Her Infant Daughter In Argument With Sister About Amazon Purchases, Police Say

An Ohio woman is behind bars after allegedly throwing her infant daughter onto a couch, twice, during an argument over Amazon purchases.

As WCMH-TV (Columbus) reports, Erin Johnson, 32, faces charges of child endangerment following the Saturday incident.

Youngstown Police Department officials say that officers were dispatched to a Youngstown home at about 9:00 p.m. after reports of a fight. There, they found three women and an unknown number of children. The older of the three women was holding a young child, believed to be her grandchild — and the son or daughter of one of the two younger women, who are believed to be sisters.

Police say that Erin was so emotional that “she couldn’t carry on a conversation.”

Based on interviews, according to WFMJ-TV (Youngstown), the two younger women had gotten into an argument. Specifically, Johnson was upset at the other woman for allegedly making purchases on using Johnson’s credit card. In frustration, Johnson allegedly threw her own infant daughter over the other woman’s head and onto a couch — and then allegedly did so a second time.

Police say that Johnson told them that she suffers from postpartum depression, and that she “needs to see someone.” She also reportedly complained to officers that she was “blamed for everything.”

Johnson was taken downtown, and was charged with child endangering. The baby was taken to a hospital and checked out. It remains unclear, as of this writing, if he or she suffered any injuries in the incident.

A Facebook account belonging to a user named Erin Johnson, who claims to live in Youngstown, Ohio, contains pictures of a woman who resembles the female in Johnson’s mugshot. According to that particular profile, she is a mother-of-two and gave birth to her second child, a baby girl, on Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, a person using that account posted a statement that seemed to suggest that she was going through some difficulties.

“I wish god can help me and get better and be there for me cause i feel SO ALONE.”

Although Christmas is ostensibly about love,peace, and family — sometimes the holiday can bring out the worst in people. Erin Johnson is not the first person to find themselves behind bars following a Christmas-related argument.

For example, as KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh) reported at the time, Pittsburgh man Michael Sparks allegedly got frustrated at the crowds during Pittsburgh’s Christmas parade, and started using foul language around children. When other parade-goers complained, Sparks allegedly pulled out a knife and asked if anyone wanted to fight. He was arrested, and charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats.