Donald Trump ‘Cornered’ By Robert Mueller, Says Watergate Reporter

In an interview broadcast Sunday, veteran reporter famous for uncovering the Watergate scandal Carl Bernstein discussed the most recent developments in Robert Mueller’s probes, arguing that the special counsel has Donald Trump “boxed in,” the Hill reports.

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, along with New York federal prosecutors, submitted two sentencing memos against Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, accusing the lawyer of committing four crimes, two of which allegedly implicate the president. Donald Trump is reportedly relatively unnerved by the issue, and plans on “winging it” and eventually “outsmarting” Mueller’s team.

But according to Carl Bernstein, even if the president thinks that he will be able to “wing it,” the reality contradicts him. Donald Trump is “boxed in,” according to the famous Watergate reporter, and Mueller has two good cases against him: The Russia collusion, and obstruction of justice.

“He is boxed in by Mueller and the people around him know that he is and it’s on the question of… possible collusion with Russia and unquestionably a massive obstruction of justice that is now demonstrable for all to see.”

Bernstein added that Trump has made an effort to “cover up” not only his, but also his friends and family’s business dealings with Russia. The Watergate reporter went a step further, suggesting that these offenses call for an impeachment hearing. But, according to Bernstein, even more important than the prospect of impeachment is the fact that — for the first time in his life — Donald Trump has been “cornered.”

“As a business man he always could bully his way out of a corner, he always could buy his way out, cheat his way out,” Bernstein said, suggesting that Trump may not be able to fight his way out this time, thanks to Robert Mueller’s team. “It’s clear that Mueller is now connecting the dots between a massive obstruction intended to hide the truth about the Trump campaign,” the Watergate journalist added.

It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will manage to fight his way out of the corner he has been forced into by Robert Mueller, but impeachment hearings are starting to look likely, if it is to judge by key House lawmaker Jerrold Nadler’s comments. As Voice of America reported, the New York Democrat — who is set to become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in January — suggested in a recent interview that the Democrats should pursue impeachment charges against Trump.

If proven, allegations that Michael Cohen made hush money payments on behalf and at the direction of Donald Trump are “certainly impeachable offenses,” according to Nadler.

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