Cardi B Reveals That Baby Kulture Could Have Been Called This In CBS Sunday Morning Preview

Cardi B posted a video on her Instagram of an interview that she recently did for CBS Sunday Morning. The clip shows Cardi B answering 10 random questions and shows how she deals with being put on the spot.

One of the questions interviewer Maurice Du Bois asked her was if there were any other names in the running while she was expecting Kulture. The “Bodak Yellow” singer revealed the name, and other fun facts about herself.

“Maurice: Okay Cardi, ten questions, can you do it? Alright. Favorite Disney princess?

Cardi B: Cinderella.

Maurice: First tattoo?

Cardi B: It was a guy’s name. It’s not on the body no more.

Maurice: You crossed it out?

Cardi B: Yeah.

Maurice: What other baby names were in the running before Kulture?

Cardi B: Bardi

Maurice: Favorite class in high school?

Cardi B: History

Maurice: And what was your insipiration for “Invasion of Privacy?” Why that name?

Cardi B: Invasion of Privacy? That was because I feel like people was in my business the most.”

The interview will also delve into Cardi B’s meteoric rise to the top, and why she believes fans resonate with her. Per Entertainment Tonight, the singer believes that she keeps it real and that “people feel like I’m very reachable.”

DuBois asked Cardi B about her exotic dancer beginnings and she relayed that she has no regrets about dancing. She said that that period in her life actually prepared her by giving her a love for performing. She added that dancing made her feel pretty.

Although working as an exotic dancer matured her, it made a lasting impact on the “Invasion of Privacy” singer. During the CBS Sunday Morning interview, she tells Du Bois that her biggest ambition was money.

It has been a watershed week for Cardi B. She announced that she and hubby Offset have separated after getting hitched in September 2017. She also confirmed that they would be seeking a divorce. On the same day that she announced the split, the hip hop artist went on to post the first pic of Kulture on social media. The little girl was born in July of this year, and is just five months old.

Later this week, while attending an arraignment for assault and reckless endangerment charges that she’s facing, Cardi B learned that she scored five Grammy Award nominations. Per Inquisitr, the rapper was leaving the courtroom when an Inside Edition reporter informed her that she had been given the nod. She pumped her wrist before exclaiming, “Owww!” She then ended the night with a killer performance at Z100’s Jingle Ball.