‘KUWTK’ Reveals Moment Kim Kardashian First Meets Alice Johnson After Securing Release

Kim Kardashian West gets emotional on Sunday’s season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as she tells prison inmate Alice Marie Johnson that she is going to be free. E! News reveals that the powerful episode shows the KUWTK star meeting Johnson for the first time — after working for months to free her.

In a conference call from the set of a photo shoot, Kardashian speaks with her lawyers, who have helped her push to get Johnson out of prison.

“This is so crazy. We did it,” she says on the phone. “I cannot believe we pulled this off.”

“You made this happen, there’s no way this would have happened without you,” her lawyers tell her.

Johnson is then patched into the call from prison. She’s excited to be speaking with Kardashian, but she doesn’t know the news yet. She calls the reality TV star her “angel,” and asks her how thing are going. At first, the reality TV star thinks that Johnson already knows what happened, but she quickly realizes that no one has told her that she is being released.

Kardashian, holding back tears, breaks the news to the inmate.

“We did it. You don’t know?” Kardashian says. “Oh my gosh, Alice, you’re out.”

Johnson screams with joy after getting the news — and the 38-year-old makeup mogul fans her face to ward off tears.

“The news just broke. The president just called me and he told me that you are out. He signed the papers. It’s been released to the press, everything,” Kardashian continues.

Johnson, who served 21 years behind bars for a nonviolent drug crime, breaks down in tears as she absorbs the news that she will be released.

Johnson, who is 63, was serving a life sentence for attempted possession of cocaine, conspiracy to possess cocaine, and money laundering. It was her first offense.

Kardashian got wind of the case — and decided to go to bat for the inmate in 2017. At first, she worked with her lawyers to see what could be done for Johnson. A few months later, she met with President Donald Trump to discuss the case, and prison reform in general.

In June, Trump announced that he would commute Johnson’s sentence.

The entire situation has educated Kardashian about the injustices present in the court system — and she has said that she wants to do more for prison reform.

You can watch the whole situation go down on the season finale of KUWTK, which airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. on E!