MoviePass Is Back Again With New Plans For 2019

It seemed like MoviePass was done, but the company is making one last attempt at becoming the go-to subscription service for moviegoers. Not only has the company announced a bunch of new plans, but it also claims that it’s going to win back the trust of its customers after what could only be described as a rocky 2018.

MoviePass’s chairman recently sat down for an interview with Variety where he talked about the need to regain the trust of not only its customers, but also investors, employees, and partners.

We have a lot to prove to all our constituents,” said Mitch Lowe, MoviePass’s chairman in an interview with Variety. “We don’t just have to prove ourselves to our members, we also have to prove ourselves to the investment community, our employees, and our partners. We believe we’re doing everything that we possibly can to deliver a great service and we’re in the process of fixing all the things that went wrong.”

As part of its new direction, the company will offer three different plans to new subscribers.

First, there’s the Select plan, which starts at $9.95 a month. This plan gives subscribers the ability to see up to three movies a month, but with many limitations on which movies are available and when. The company describes this plan as offering a “Special Selection of Movies Just For You.”

From there, buyers can get the All Access plan starting at $14.95 a month. This still grants three movies per month, but it removes the restrictions on which movies are available. Basically, if it’s playing at a theater that’s part of the MoviePass network, it’s available.

The final plan is called Red Carpet, and it starts at $19.95 a month. With this one, subscribers will get the same benefits offered by All Access, but they’ll also get one premium showing each month.

A breakdown of the early MoviePass plans.

Those are the prices offered once 2019 rolls around. For now, MoviePass is offering a discount to users who pay for a year in advance, which is a big ask from a company with such a rocky history.

For those plans, buyers who purchase one All Access subscription will pay $119.95 for a year, and buyers who get two or more subscriptions will pay $99.95. For the higher Red Carpet plan, one subscription is $149.95 per year, and two or more is $139.95 for the first year.

According to the Variety interview, this will allow the company to “break even” on the price of tickets right now, which is quite the upgrade from the way it priced its original plan of $9.99 a month for one movie per day.