Singer Monica Finally Explains Why She Decided On New Career As A Mortician

When most fans think of Monica, songs like “Just One Of Those Days,” “For You I Will,” and “So Gone,” probably come to mind — which is why fans were completely shocked to hear about Monica’s new career. According to TMZ, Monica has revealed that she’s taken up a new profession as a mortician. Needless to say, this comes as quite a shock to many of her adoring fans — many of whom can’t imagine her doing anything other than singing or acting.

When TMZ caught up with Monica at LAX airport, she was asked about her new career. Monica offered enlightening details about her decision to become a mortician, revealing it’s something that she’s been deeply interested in for quite some time. Monica even revealed that she’d grown up around it. Although her new career is just making headlines now, Monica revealed that she had actually started studying mortuary science five years ago.

“I grew up around it, I started in like 2013,” she explained. “I kept it quiet, it’s a family business. When I’m back there, I really wanted to learn as much as I could, to do the best that I could for the families that allow me to work with them… I just felt like it was important that people know that you can do other stuff. Yeah, I sing, but that was just another passion.”

Unlike many people who are probably terrified at even the thought of walking through a morgue or of seeing a corpse, Monica admitted that she doesn’t “get the chills working with the deceased,” according to Vibe magazine. Monica also detailed her interest in working as a mortician. The singer admitted that she finds peace in helping those in need. It’s no secret that funeral arrangements are relatively difficult for those who are grieving. So, she finds comfort in lending a helping hand to those facing such difficult times.

The mother-of-three also offered a bit of advice to those who are currently in the mortuary business. “This calling is about bringing peace to families, it’s not about your personal feelings,” she continued. “Do and give your absolute best, this is a time where the family will need you most… it’s hard when you go to a funeral and somebody does not look like the person you remember. I grew up around it… and I know how important those final moments are.”

Monica’s mortuary confession has garnered an array of reactions from many fans on social media.