‘One Piece’ Chapter 926 Spoilers: Luffy, Kid Get Into Trouble In Kaido’s Prison, Kozuki Clan Returns In Wano

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One Piece Chapter 926 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter of One Piece will be featuring Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and fellow member of the Worst Generation Eustass “Captain” Kid being tortured and forced to work as a slave in Emperor Kaido’s prison. Will the Strawhat Pirates alliance free Luffy and Kid before the Beast Pirates break their spirits?

In the spoilers posted at Oro Jackson, One Piece Chapter 926 will start with the appearances of people who seem to be samurais. Those people have tattoos that look like the sun which is believed to be the mark of the Kozuki Clan. All the retainers of the Kozuki Clan and Kozuki Momonosuke have already arrived in Wano and started to make preparations for their upcoming war against Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

Before the war begins, Kinemon gave the Strawhat Pirates different task. In One Piece Chapter 926, Nami is seen sneaking somewhere with a female ninja named Shinobu. To prevent herself from being recognized as an outsider, Nami wore a ninja costume which was created using Kinemon’s power. Nami may not have undergone any training to be a ninja, but using her Clima-Tact, she can also become invincible and do other amazing techniques.

One Piece Chapter 926 also showed Luffy and Kid in Emperor Kaido’s prison. Both of them are forced to work, and in the upcoming chapter, they are featured carrying huge stones. To disable their devil fruit ability, the Beast Pirates decided to use Seastone handcuffs on Luffy and Kid.

As men aiming to become the next Pirate King, Luffy and Kid are having a hard time getting along with each other. They are competing against each other whenever possible even during their lunch. Luffy and Kid angered the guard, who ate a devil fruit that made him look like a hippopotamus. The guard decided to put both pirates into his mouth as the punishment for their behavior.

Though they cannot use their devil fruit powers, Luffy and Kid still possess incredible physical abilities. They wreak a havoc inside the guard’s stomach that made him lose his consciousness. Luffy and Kid come out of the guard’s mouth with the Strawhat Pirates captain carrying someone in his arm. One Piece Chapter 926 didn’t reveal the identity of the man that Luffy saves, but there is a possibility that he will play a major role in helping both members of the Worst Generation escape from Emperor Kaido’s prison.

One Piece Chapter 926 will be coming out soon.