Countdown to Macbook: New Photos, New Frenzy

We’re down to the final few hours before the heavily hyped Apple notebook announcement, and the frenzy is in full-swing. The latest photo, posted to Engadget, shows a full frontal shot of the supposed new MacBook Pro believed to be on the way. (I take no credit for the “heart JR” burned onto the image, though I will go ahead and assume that it was meant as a sign of admiration for me from an attractive female follower.)

Some are speculating that the blurry image was snapped during a briefing at Apple’s campus this week. It does seem to match previous leaked images as well as early descriptions of the device.

There’s also this shot, posted on the Chinese forum MacHome and said to show the bottom of the new MacBook. It suggests the whole back side may just lift off to support the presence of a removable battery and hard drive.

Other rumors about the laptop include the idea that it’ll offer two NVIDIA graphics cards and boosted battery power compared to past models. Some sites are also reporting it’ll have a DisplayPort for home theater connection. Speed-wise, the word now is that the system will be able to hit 2.8GHz and will carry a 128GB hard drive.

As for the rumored notebook in the $800 range, the latest speculation is that it may end up being an LED Apple Cinema Display instead of a MacBook.

Fact and fiction will be separated soon enough. Stay tuned for a wrap of it all here at The Inquisitr this afternoon.

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