Michelle Obama Outsells Donald Trump’s ‘Art Of The Deal’ With ‘Becoming’ In One Week

Former first lady Michelle Obama recently released a new book called Becoming, and in one week it sold 1.4 million copies. That means that in a week, Obama outsold president Donald Trump’s book Trump: The Art of the Deal.

Since 1987, Trump’s book has sold 1.1 million copies, and it’s a book he’s been plenty proud of over the years. According to an Inquisitr report, the previous first lady’s book flew off shelves selling 1.4 million copies in its first week. Her publisher, Crown Publishing, announced the good news about her extraordinary sales.

Trump losing out to Obama, who sold so many copies in just seven days, may not be a detail he’s interested in facing. These book sale numbers that makes him a “loser,” which is a term Trump’s fond of calling his opponents. However, Bishop Talbert Swan pointed out that situation to the president using Trump’s favorite medium — Twitter. In just over an hour, the tweet has more than 1,800 likes and hundreds of retweets. Bishop Swan is a community activist known for his work in the area of human rights.

Not only did Obama beat out Trump whose book has been on shelves for decades, but she also outsold the first weeks Bob Woodward’s Fear and Hillary Clinton’s memoir, Living History.

Oprah Winfrey helped launch Obama’s new book by featuring it as a pick for her book club in 2018.

“We knew Becoming was going to be one of the biggest books of the year, but it has now officially had the best first week of sales of any book in 2018, and is among the fastest sellers in Barnes & Noble history,” said Liz Harwell, senior director of merchandising at Barnes & Noble. “This is definitely the must-have book of the holiday season.”

In addition to hitting the No. 1 spot in the United States, Obama’s book also is tops in the United Kingdom, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and France.

Newsweek reported that in its first week, Bob Woodward’s book nearly outsold Trump’s all-time copies of Art of the Deal. In the past, Trump claimed that his book was the best-selling book of all time, which turned out to be one of his many documented lies.

Recently, authors whom Trump has called names have sold far more books than he sold, which seems like another win for people like Michelle Obama, Bob Woodward, and Hillary Clinton in the wake of such attacks from the president of the United States. While it means little, people like Bishop Swan certainly don’t mind pointing out that Trump is the “loser” between his and the former first lady’s book.