Jada Pinkett Smith Opens Up About Divorce & How She’s ‘Not Mature Enough’ To Go Through One

Jada Pinkett Smith has been married to Will Smith for 20 years, and from the sounds of things, the couple will be together for 20 more if she has her say in things. On an episode of Red Table Talk, the 47-year-old actress said that she will never be able to go through a divorce with her husband because she just isn’t mature enough to handle it, according to People.

While speaking with singer Toni Braxton and her own mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, she opened up about the prospect of divorce.

“For me personally, I’m not mature enough to have a divorce. I’m just not. I don’t think I would ever be mature enough. I don’t,” she said.

When the 51-year-old singer Braxton pushed her what she meant, Pinkett Smith said it’s because she wouldn’t be able to be mature about dividing up assets.

“Because when you have to start going in, breaking up assets, that right there…” she started saying.

Her mother joined in, finishing her daughters thought by saying that when you “have to start to divide things, separate, cut off.”

“Let me tell you, that’s when the red table turns upside down and it won’t be red no more!” Pinkett Smith finished.

Gesturing to the red table in front of her, she joked that “this junk would be smashed to shambles.”

“You know what I’m saying,” she asked.

This isn’t the first time Pinkett Smith has discussed getting divorced from Will Smith, who she married in 1997.

“You know why I never got divorced?” she asked on an episode in October. “It’s cheaper to keep me.”

The couple’s marriage has garnered lots of attention because it is so rare for a Hollywood couple to stay married for so long.

Every few years, rumors bubble up that say the couple is getting divorced. Most of the time the pair ignores things, but in August 2015, Will Smith felt compelled to address rumors on his Facebook page in no uncertain terms.

“Under normal circumstances, I don’t usually respond to foolishness (Because it’s contagious). But, so many people have extended me their ‘deepest condolences’ that I figured – ‘What the hell… I can be foolish, too!’ So, in the interest of redundant, repetitious, over & over-again-ness… Jada and I are… NOT GETTING A DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

When asked in November 2015 how the pair keeps things together for so long, Smith said that he and his wife weren’t “quitters,” but that marriage was the most difficult thing they had ever taken on. He then offered up his advice on how they managed to do it for so long.

“If there is a secret I would say it is that we never went into working on our relationship. We only ever worked on ourselves individually — and then presented ourselves to one another better than we were previously.”

Pinkett Smith said that the pair just has “amazing chemistry” and that the real secret is they “just really like each other.”

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