Jessa Duggar’s Son Spurgeon Makes Friends With A Furry Feline In Sweet Video

Jessa Duggar has been sharing a few adorable videos of her 3-year-old son Spurgeon recently on social media. One such clip revealed that the little guy just may be a cat whisperer as he has made friends with a furry feline.

The Duggar daughter posted the short video on Instagram showing off her young son in the front yard of his grandparent’s house. He found his favorite rock to climb up on. It’s just a small one, but to Spurgeon, it may seem like a big deal. He wasn’t alone as a creature even smaller than him decided to join him. The Duggar family cat hopped up on the rock with Spurgeon and proceeded to love on him.

The curly-haired boy sweetly bent down a bit to get closer to the feline and the kitty loved the attention. Spurgeon didn’t seem to know just what to do at one point. He stood there just watching the cat rubbing up against him. He was doing his best to keep his balance as the kitty almost made him slip off the rock.

You can hear Jessa talking in the background asking him if he wanted to pet the kitty cat. Spurgeon tried to, but then the furry animal got in a playful mood by swatting at the boy’s hand. His mom laughed telling him that his new furry friend was giving him a high five.

Spurgie looked quite dapper in his outdoorsy outfit. He had on a pair of blue jeans with a grey sweater and matching little boy sneakers. Completed with his mop of curly hair, it made for an adorable video.

Just a few days before this cat video was posted, Jessa Duggar also shared another sweet one of Spurgeon striking a funny pose as she was trying to make a video for his grandma. He had other ideas. It looked like he wanted to pose for a photo instead while saying cheese. He did just that and it was as cute as ever.

His mom reflected on trying to find balance with young kids and also finding the humor. As for Jessa’s younger son Henry, she has taken photos and videos of him as well and posting them on Instagram. The two boys have different personalities as seen in them, but they are both just as sweet as the other one.

Another season of TLC’s Counting On is expected to air sometime next year. Nothing has been officially announced just yet by the network, but Duggar fans are anxiously waiting to see more happenings in the lives of this family.

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