Nicole Kidman Looks Back On 11-Year Marriage To Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman does not often talk publicly about her 11-year-long marriage to actor legend Tom Cruise. However, the actress is now speaking out about the marriage and how she believes it helped boost her career in Hollywood.

According to Today, 51-year-old Kidman decided to move to Hollywood shortly after falling in love with Cruise while they were filming the 1990s hit Days of Thunder. The pair was married in 1990 when Kidman was just 23 and later got divorced in 2001. During the marriage they adopted two children, both of whom are now grown. Isabella is 25 while Connor is 23. Even though her marriage to Cruise didn’t list, the Australian-born star has no regrets about her decision to move to California. “I moved here because I fell in love and got married,” the Oscar winner acknowledged. “I always make choices for love, and everything kind of had to fall in place around that.”

Looking back now, Kidman said that her marriage to Tom Cruise was a lot less publicized than it would be today. Even with Cruise being one of the most famous movie stars of all time, they didn’t have to deal with the paparazzi presence that would have been more of a problem in today’s world. There was also no social media, so their lives were more private. At the time she felt like she had control over what the rest of the world knew about her private life. “If I look back, it actually didn’t seem like a lot of interest,” she said. “We didn’t have social media then. We didn’t have paparazzi like now. You had definite control of it.”

Kidman found love after Cruise, and has been happily married to country music star Keith Urban for the past 12 years. She and Urban share two daughters, 10-year-old Sunday and 7-year-old Faith.

Kidman still has positive memories from her marriage to Cruise, and believes she got some of her daredevil side from watching him and his crazy stunts. The actress has revealed she loves skydiving, a hobby she took up during her marriage to Cruise. Although she says she is filled with dread each time she prepares to jump 10,000 feet out of an airplane, she does it anyway. The jump fills her with adrenaline and elation. “That’s the crux of my personality,” said Kidman. “Standing there, just going, ‘I want to,’ and then ‘Oh, no, no, no’ and just jumping anyway.”

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