WWE News: Matt Hardy Promises More ‘House Hardy’ Episodes

Matt Hardy recently sat down for an interview on an episode of X-Pac 1,2,360 where he talked about a wide range of topics. During the conversation, he confirmed that House Hardy Halloween was not just a one off special, and that it would be coming back for more episodes in the near future.

411Mania transcribed the interview, during which Matt Hardy apparently said, “You will definitely be seeing more episodes of House Hardy on the WWE Network, we’re gonna do some more, it’s going to be happening moving forward.”

As it turns out, the show was a huge success on the WWE Network. Hardy talked about that during the interview as well. “The Halloween episode was such a success and they actually told me at the Network that they have never gotten that much positive feedback on one of their specials,” Hardy said.

When Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE, fans were eagerly anticipating Matt Hardy’s “Broken” character. After a rocky period where the company branded him “Woken” Matt Hardy, the character — and Matt Hardy himself — left WWE TV so that the real-life Matthew Moore Hardy could heal from injuries sustained from in-ring action.

On Halloween, WWE finally gave fans of the “Broken Universe” what they wanted. The company aired a half hour show dedicated to all of the craziness that fans saw back when Matt Hardy was performing the gimmick in TNA. All of the characters and props were in the special — including The Lake of Reincarnation, King Maxel, Señor Benjamin, Brother Nero, Itchweed, Skarsgård the Dilapidated Boat, and plenty of others.

Fans were convinced that the show would be back, as it ended with a pretty serious cliffhanger involving one of the recurring characters. While fans now have official confirmation from Matt Hardy that the show will return, wrestling audiences still don’t know precisely when these promised new episodes will be available on the WWE Network — or if filming has even started.

Another piece of information which Hardy didn’t reveal is whether the show will be back for just a few more specials, or whether it will be a continuous show like WWE Ride Along, Table For Three, and other WWE Network shows that continue to see consistent releases.

Outside of the zany entertainment offered by the show, staying out of the ring is good for Matt Hardy’s long-term health. On that, he said, “I wanted to do something that was more character driven and can add longevity and add length to my career.”

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