Door Falls Off Of Monorail At Walt Disney World After Being Struck By A Scooter, Causing Delays [Update]

Editor's note: a Disney spokesperson reached out to the Inquisitr, stating that the door to the monorail fell off as a result of being struck by a motorized scooter during boarding, necessitating repairs. Original story below.

Many people believe that Walt Disney World needs a new fleet of trains for its monorail system, but the old ones are still in place and moving along. While there have been a number of minor issues with the monorails, there was quite a big one that took place on Tuesday afternoon. Guests visiting Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa were in for a sight as the door of Monorail Lime had actually fallen off and was dangling from the track.

For many years, the current fleet of monorail trains have been in place and continuously running between two parks, a parking lot, and three WDW resorts. Earlier this year, Disney Imagineer and Legend Bob Gurr said that new monorail trains were coming in the future, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The Walt Disney Company has yet to confirm those claims by Gurr or even comment on them, but some changes may be coming soon.

The most recent incident happened early on the morning of Tuesday, November 13, 2018, and it took place at the station for the Grand Floridian. According to Fox 35, the door of Monorail Lime actually came off of the train and fell between the beams before becoming stuck and just hanging down over the ground below.

The photo of the monorail door hanging down had originally been posted on Instagram by a user named @stalecupcakes. In her Instagram story, she simply posted the photo, circled the door in white, and wrote "Uh Oh."

As you can see in the photo above, a team of workers brought out a cherry picker to get the door down. Obviously, the issues with Monorail Lime caused numerous delays for the day and guests had to use buses and boats to get around Walt Disney World.

Disney has not released any sort of comment regarding the situation with the monorail and it is not known if guests were on it at the time of the door falling off.

Earlier this year, there was a problem where the door on Monorail Red opened while the train was in motion and guests were on board, as reported by the Inquisitr. While many on social media are saying this is simply another matter of the trains being run down, it appears as if there is another possible explanation.

If that truly was the case, this was not just a problem with the monorail but more of an accident.

Yes, the current fleet of monorail trains at Walt Disney World is rather old and could use some repairs or even a complete overhaul. Still, the issues on Tuesday with the door falling off of Monorail Lime doesn't appear to be just old age or issues with the train, but something that happened with a guest and an ECV. Either way, there are no reported injuries and the monorail beams are expected to be fully operational on Wednesday.