Chrissy Teigen Just Won’t Stop Dunking On Right-Wing Twitter Troll Jacob Wohl And It’s Getting Hard To Watch

There’s a skit from the sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall where a guy randomly picks a bar fight with someone more than twice his size. They step outside and the little guy gets beaten mercilessly but keeps getting up and trying to fight some more. By the end, the entire crowd is pleading with him to stay down, but he just keeps getting up and being beaten worse and worse.

For much of the internet, that’s exactly what it’s like watching Jacob Wohl try to take on Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. Wohl is the 20-year-old Twitter troll that most of America just learned about this week, who held a disastrous press conference where he claimed to represent a woman accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller of raping her (only the woman didn’t show up and Jacob couldn’t decide how to spell her name — never a great start when you’re accusing a former FBI Director of rape).

Fast forward to Friday, when Wohl decided to lash out at Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Twitter-favorite Chrissy Teigen when she asked if someone could explain the whole Wohl fiasco.

“I became more famous than you,” he replied. “That’s what happened.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, it was a pretty bad idea to take her on, as Chrissy and the rest of Twitter dragged him pretty mercilessly for it. But Jacob Wohl is apparently not one to quit when he’s behind, so he continued to go after her on Saturday.

That was an even worse idea, as Teigen responded with a series of tweets dunking on Wohl for the embarrassment of the past week. She started by referencing the fake investigative firm he made to spin the Mueller investigation, one he told reporters he had no connection to before they found out that the number at the bottom of the website forwarded to his mom’s voicemail.

She then posted a series of videos mocking the 20-year-old.

Her next few videos made reference to Jacob’s tweet about “hipster coffee shops,” his tweet about how the liberals there secretly supported Trump, and his tweet about how he overheard some liberal women excited about Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.

Jacob Wohl hasn’t seemed to have enough, with his dad now joining in the lopsided Twitter feud. No word yet from Jacob’s mom.

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