‘King Of The Hill’ Isn’t Returning To Netflix, Hulu Secures Streaming Rights

As long-term Netflix subscribers know, there was a time where all 13 seasons of King of the Hill streamed on Netflix. Unfortunately, the Fox series was removed from the Netflix library in 2013. Known for removing and re-adding content all of the time, many subscribers – and fans of the series – held on to hope that the series would one day return to the streaming library.

What’s On Netflix, a fan site dedicated to all Netflix related news, has predicted, on multiple occasions, that King of the Hill resurfacing in the Netflix library was unlikely.

In 2017, chances of King of the Hill returning to Netflix grew even slimmer as news broke that Netflix and Fox no longer had a content streaming contract in place. The end of the contract resulted in the removal of all Fox content and prevented any new content from being added.

There is, however, one way for Netflix U.S. subscribers to watch King of the Hill as well as several other Fox titles as the streaming giant still carries box sets of the series. While the DVD rental platform isn’t as popular as it was, it still functions with a pretty sizable customer base. As the Inquisitr previously reported, there are still millions of people who rent DVDs from Netflix each year.

Where Did King of the Hill Move To?

News recently broke that King of the Hill has found a new home on the Hulu streaming platform. All 259 episodes across 13 different seasons are available to Hulu subscribers.

According to Deadline, Hulu locked in an expanded deal with 20th Century Fox TV Distribution giving the streaming giant access to King of the Hill as well as several other popular titles, including Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and The Cleveland Show.

King of the Hill joins a pretty impressive list of animated content currently on Hulu, including South Park, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, and Adventure Time.

Despite being off the air for just shy of a decade, King of the Hill remains a widely popular series. Created by Greg Daniels and Mike Judge, the series follows the life of Hank Hill and his family. Hank is depicted as a proud, strong, loyal, and hardworking man from Texas.

Twitter has lit up the last few days as fans of the series rejoice over the addition to Hulu’s lineup.

Hulu’s deal with Fox includes several other non-animated shows, including Last Man Standing, Empire, Orville, The Gifted, and The Resident.

So long as Hulu retains a contract and streaming rights with Fox, it is unlikely any of these titles would surface in the Netflix streaming library.

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