Kevin Hart & Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reunite: Can You Smell What They Are Cooking?

Actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart have starred in two movies together and their on-screen chemistry is absolutely amazing, always leaving moviegoers laughing hysterically. Fans of the duo will be thrilled to learn that the two reunited this week to discuss plans for future collaborations.

The two superstars first teamed up for the 2016 comedy Central Intelligence. Film audiences loved seeing the tall, buff, and menacing Johnson playing a role opposite the short, squirmy, and harmless Hart.

One year later, the pair were back together on the silver screen in the blockbuster Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The film grossed more than $404.5 million domestically, and a sequel to be released in 2019 has already been announced.

Are there other projects in the works that will bring the two men together again?

On Saturday, November 3, they both posted the same photograph on Instagram of a very recent reunion that took place on the set of Johnson’s upcoming The Fast and the Furious franchise spinoff flick, Hobbs & Shaw.

While Hart — who was wearing a brown paisley jacket, black T-shirt, and blue jeans — kept his caption short and sweet (just like him!), Johnson — sporting a fabulous gold tracksuit, black cap, and sunglasses — added a bit of humor to his.

“We are in the kitchen cooking people… Can’t wait for the world to see what we are working on. Stay tuned,” wrote the 39-year-old comedian on Instagram.

“Taking care of business,” the 46-year-old former WWE wrestler began his longer Instagram post.

“Great having my son, I mean one of my best friends [Kevin Hart] stop by my set of Hobbs & Shaw… to have a big meet up about new opportunities. We f**k with each other all the time because it’s what we love to do and the world loves it too, but we also have a mutual hunger to build out our enterprises and create opportunities that entertain the world. We’re lining up some very big things for the world to enjoy. I still want to slap his little lips into next week though.”

Commenters on both stars’ posts showed loads of enthusiasm for all kinds of future projects that would focus on their beautiful bromance.

However, if they are competing to see whose post would receive the most likes, the Rock wins by a landslide — in just four hours, he amassed more than 1.5 million hearts compared to Hart’s paltry 291,695.

Hopefully, fans will soon get to learn more about what these two are cooking!

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