Red Sox Players Rack Up $300K Bill In Nightclub After Winning World Series, Leave $195K Tip

The Boston Red Sox are certainly living up to their team motto of “Do Damage” this season. After clinching the World Series in Los Angeles, the winning baseball team has been celebrating their victory in style this week. Per TMZ, the team racked up a bill of $300K while partying at a nightclub, then threw in a $195,000 tip to boot.

The Boston Red Sox took the same winning attitude when they went to Nightingale Plaza, a West Hollywood nightclub. Not only were they there to celebrate, but they made sure that the staff also went home with smiles on their faces.

Made Nightlife threw a celebratory party on Sunday and Red Sox players were in the mood to party. Key Sox players such as Mookie Betts, Steve Pearce, and J.D. Martinez decided to let loose and enjoy the night after beating the Dodgers to win the World Series title.

How do you rack up a bill of $300K? TMZ reports that they laid eyes on the itemized bill and are able to confirm its contents. It seems as if the players were rather selective with their choice of alcohol, and that only the best was good enough for the best in the world.

Moet was the preferred drink of the night, and they sipped through 60 bottles of champagne, 48 bottles of Dom Pérignon, and 43 bottles of Jay Z-owned Ace of Spades, according to the receipt. The bill also shows that they downed 17 bottles of Jack Daniels, 12 bottles of Perrier-Jouet, 11 bottles of Jameson, five bottles of Veuve, a bottle of Cristal, and what is a party without Don Julio tequila and Belvedere vodka?

The booze, tax, and other fees pushed the total up to about $300K. The guys were also feeling generous and decided to leave a tip of $195K. The final tab totaled around $500K.

However, the celebration at the club didn’t only cost them $500K, via TMZ. They also promised to buy DJ Dre Sinatra a new laptop because they sprayed champagne on his and ruined it.

“They started spraying champagne, and like it gets on my laptop and one thing about me, I’m like a chill person but once you mess up my laptop it’s like a whole different person,” Dre said.

He stopped the music and warned the players that they were damaging his equipment. The team responded by sending him three bottles and letting him spray them back, but more importantly, they promised to replace his laptop.

Damage done.

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