Annaliese Puccini Makes Best Out Of Brutal On-Air Breakup From Kamil With Free Airbnb Trip

Bachelor in Paradise fans likely remember the brutal on-air breakup initiated by Kamil Nicalek, which took everyone by surprise, including his then-girlfriend, Annaliese Puccini. After the shock wore off slightly, Annaliese accused Kamil of saying he wanted to stay with her just two weeks prior, when the ball was in her court and she wanted to break things off. She also noted that the breakup came as a shock, considering he had rented them an Airbnb for a week, detailed the Inquisitr.

Airbnb saw the episode, and reached out to Annaliese with a free stay on Twitter, saying “We have a place for you @annaliese_p_, DM us for a free stay with your best friends #BachelorInParadise,” detailed Us Magazine.

And Puccini did just that, because she has posted a series of Instagram stories that show her and her friends super excited about staying at a very spacious and amazing home in the country somewhere.

Annaliese thanked the company several times, and also showed her fans what the house looked like, including all of the fun details like a wall of china, and a luxurious bathroom. She mentioned in one story that it’s been a rough couple of months, so she was especially thankful for the chance to get away with some good friends.

Of course, the break-up was difficult for Annaliese, but it’s not like she’s letting it ruin her life or run her show. Instead, the TV star has been very optimistic in her Instagram posts, and thanked her friends for supporting her during the difficult time.

Recently, she shared her clown Halloween costume on Instagram, where she wore a small, neon pink wig with an eccentric headband. Annaliese also sported a black shirt with neck ruffles, along with blue-and-white pinstriped pants, a thin pink belt, and black shoes.

She also shared a cute photo with two girlfriends, during which she thanked the two for being in her life.

“Although I have not known them that long these girls have become my sisters. They have laughed with me and cheered me on in the good times and wiped my tears and held my hands through the bad. They have shown up and been there for me through all the big and little things this year.”

Bachelor fans have been commenting throughout her posts that they hope she will find love soon, while some have even suggested that she ought to be the next Bachelorette.

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