Raven Gates Dons Tiny Bikini On Instagram Amid Rumors Adam Gottschalk Could Be Proposing Per ‘Life & Style’

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite couples to come out of the Bachelor in Paradise series. And the couple’s fans have been clued in on their recent trip to China and Thailand, as Raven has been posting some amazing pics to show off their romantic vacation. And all of the photos seem to point to one thing for some fans, and that’s a proposal, according to Life & Style Magazine. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out, but it would be great news if Adam really did pop the question.

Meanwhile, Raven shared a bikini pic on her Instagram which she hasn’t done in a while. Most of her swimsuit pics were posted in August, which is obviously the height of summer. But in this photo, she’s looking great as ever in a tiny multi-colored bikini while strolling along the beach barefoot. The backdrop is amazing, with a blue ocean and white sand to complete the scene.

There’s even mountains and boats, while Raven smiled and touched her sunglasses. It looks like she pulled her hair back in some tight French braids, as she captioned the picture, “Phi Phi, do you love me?” That’s the name of the islands she’s on, but fans took the opening to let her know that they love and adore her.

Another recent series of photos and videos showed Raven touching and watering elephants at a sanctuary. The caption she wrote for the occasion was quite long and detailed, as she described their journey to find the right spot to visit, and what it was like when they got there. She talked about some ways that “entertainment elephants” were abused badly, but in the end expressed hope as the sanctuary was helping to rehabilitate the elephants to give them a shot at living a normal, happy life.

And while many might assume that Raven is a naturally outgoing person, she recently revealed in an interview with Makeup.com that that’s not the case.

“A lot of people would be shocked to know that I’m an introvert. When I first started a job in retail, I really had to overcome my shyness. My first boss would constantly remind me to ask open-ended questions to make a customer feel welcome and comfortable, because sometimes people find introverts closed-off and guarded. I really had to work at it, since it didn’t come natural to me, but I did it!”

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