The Dell Vostro V13 – I wonder if Santa is listening?

I don’t get all drooly over hardware most of the time even though I have admitted in the past to a little Apple envy but when I saw this beauty from Dell show up in a review on cnet’s Crave blog I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

Although I will say right off the bat the only drawback for me is the 13.3? screen but given the prices being quotes for this little beauty I think I could forgo that one thing.

Other than that this is definitely a nice looking machine coming in at .65 inches thick and weighing around 3.5 pounds. Add to that a webcam, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an ExpressCard slot for an all round laptop that covers the bases.

Where the prices for the laptop begin to differ depends on what you are willing to pay for the guts of the machine. The base Vostro V13 comes with a single-core Celeron and Ubuntu Linux for a price of $449 (US).

Should you want to jump up a bit you can get a Core 2 Dual ULV and Windows 7 but even at $600 (US) it is definitely worth the price and one that won’t kill your wallet at the same.

Being the glutton for punishment the way I am I decided to check out the Dell Canada site and see what kind of price premium I would end up paying if I was ever able to get past the wishing upon a star part; and to be honest it wasn’t all that bad I guess at about a $200.00 increase in price.

The base laptop with the single core and Linux installed is priced at $529.00 whereas the Core 2 Solo with 2Gb of memory and a 320Gig SATA drive will set me back $699.00. There is one further upgrade beyond that but at $799 it’s not even worth teasing myself over.

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