‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Mary Pat’s Death Sends Shockwaves, Ava Is Rattled, & Nina Reassures Sasha

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will be a juicy one according to the latest spoilers. Mary Pat’s head was found floating in a barrel of apples and this is going to leave many in Port Charles rattled. In addition, Nina will be feeling protective of Sasha when Ava leaves her rattled and Ava’s going to be facing a fright at the gallery.

General Hospital spoilers via the sneak peek shared on Twitter reveal that Carly will be left feeling quite shaken by the discovery of Mary Pat’s head. Of course, Carly didn’t get along with the Ferncliff nurse at all, but she still finds it hard to imagine that anyone would do something so awful to her.

Chase and Jordan will be asking plenty of questions about the gruesome discovery and Laura will note she’s stunned that something like that could happen. Ryan will talk to her about having run into Mary Pat, but he’ll put a spin on it to avoid any suspicion for the cruel murder falling onto him. Of course, at this point, there’s no reason why anybody would suspect him of having harmed the Ferncliff nurse.

Nina and Sasha will have a chat and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sasha will say something about Ava that propels Nina into mama bear mode. Nina will tell her newly-found daughter that she’ll take care of Ava and she won’t want Sasha to worry about.

Griffin and Kiki will be having a discussion about Ava as well. Griffin will tell his gal that the problem between Kiki and her mom all ties back to him, but Kiki will probably point out to him that she and her mother have had a complicated relationship for years. Kiki isn’t about to ditch Griffin just to try to patch things up with her mom, but she’ll probably appreciate his efforts.

Ava is in for a scare of some sort herself. General Hospital spoilers tease that she’ll see something alarming at her gallery and whatever it is will have her screaming and reeling backward. Of course, some fans speculate that perhaps something related to Mary Pat’s murder has been planted there, but it may be something far less ominous that’s about to play out as well.

SheKnows Soaps details that Scotty will pop up during Friday’s show, wanting to help someone, and Ava is going to be trying to defend a decision she made. General Hospital spoilers hint that a lot of this chaos will carry over into the episodes airing during the week of November 5 and it sounds as if fans have a lot to look forward to as this month plays out.

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