Jessica Biel Finds Out Jimmy Fallon Knows Justin Timberlake’s Safe Word

The friendship between Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake is no secret. Timberlake has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon numerous times over the years, taking part in a variety of skits. The two obviously have lots of laughs and good times together.

E! Online reports that Fallon’s show poked a little fun at their friendship Thursday night, when both Timberlake and his wife — Jessica Biel — were guests. Timberlake had already been scheduled to appear on the show to promote his new book, Hindsight, when he found himself suffering from bruised vocal chords that resulted in the cancellation of three concerts. He kept his commitment to appear on The Tonight Show, though. He just made his appearance in silence, which added to the humor of a game that he played with Biel and Fallon — one which ended up in such a way that only the writers saw coming. Biel found out that Fallon knew Timberlake’s safe word.

The trio played a game called “Best Friends Challenge.” Timberlake held up a series of cards, each with a question about himself written on it. Biel and Fallon both wrote down their answers in a quest to see which one of them knows Timberlake best. The first question asked Timberlake’s all-time favorite rapper. He held up two fingers to tell them he actually has two favorites. Biel nailed that one as she answered with Mase and Andre 3000. Next up — his “go-to” cocktail. This one went to Biel too, as she answered with Tequila Mule — which Fallon had never heard of.

With no points for Fallon, Timberlake asked, “What is my safeword?” All three cards said, “pineapple,” and everyone laughed as Timberlake mouthed the words, “Things just got weird.” Fallon laughed so hard he couldn’t stay in his chair. The last question pushed Biel over the edge.

The question was: “What number am I thinking of between 1 and 500?” Fallon and Timberlake looked at each other — as if Timberlake was trying to communicate with him telepathically. Biel revealed her answer — 2,300. Fallon revealed his, which was 4,297. Timberlake revealed his answer: 4,297.

Biel appeared upset, put the cap on her pen, and rose from the sofa as she said, “You know what guys?” and removed her wedding ring — which she handed to Fallon.

Biel then said, “I’m done. You know what? Bye!” and walked off the stage. Fallon chased after her, while Timberlake sat agape onstage. The show then went to break.

Later on during the show, there was a scene of Timberlake waiting for the elevator. Fallon met him there, holding a paper bag that he said had chicken noodle soup in it. He told Timberlake that he hoped he felt better soon — and that he hoped “Jess isn’t really mad.” At that moment, Biel appeared and punched Fallon without saying a word. She knocked him to the floor with one punch. Biel then took Timberlake by the arm and led him into the elevator with her. As Fallon struggled to rise from the floor, reaching for the closing elevator door, he exclaimed — “Pineapple, pineapple!”

You can watch both videos below.

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