Teresa Giudice Was Unhappy Her Brother Joe Was The One To Tell Daughter Gia About Husband’s Deportation

There’s nothing quite like a little bit of sibling rivalry.

As fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey know, Teresa Giudice and her brother, Joe Gorga, butt heads from time to time on the hit show. But most recently, Joe got on Teresa’s bad side for getting involved in family business that Teresa didn’t think he should have been involved in.

On October 10, it was ruled that Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, would be deported to Italy upon his release from jail next March. According to People, Joe Gorga was the one to break the news of Giudice’s deportation to their eldest daughter, Gia Giudice, and Teresa wasn’t very happy about it.

Gia was in class when her Uncle Joe called and informed her that her father would be sent back to Italy after prison. Once Gia found out, Teresa says that she was forced to tell her other children the bad news about their dad.

“My daughter [Gia] found out and then I had to tell my other two daughters. It was just — it was not a good day.”

Since Teresa didn’t get the break the news to her children the way that she wanted, she did admit that she was a little annoyed at her brother for talking to her daughter before she had the opportunity to, especially knowing that he contacted Gia before he even spoke to her.

“I was pretty annoyed at him at first,” Teresa said.

“He apologized right away. He said, ‘I’m sorry.”

Once Gia found out the news from her uncle, she called her mother and said that she wanted to leave school. Teresa then told her daughters, Gabrielle, 14, and Milania, 12, the bad news about their father. She still has yet to inform the couple’s youngest daughter, Audriana, 9, because she’s just too young right now.

Teresa said that what breaks her heart the most is the fact that adults are able to handle anything because they’re adults, but kids are the ones who are most affected by things with their parents and it’s the kids who experience all of the heartache and pain, even though they had nothing to do with what transpired.

But the Giudice family is not going down without a fight according to Teresa. Right now, the Giudices and their lawyers are working on filing an appeal to the judge’s deportation order in hopes that it can be overturned and that Joe can return home in March rather than being deported to Italy, where he was born.

Joe came to the United States with his parents when he was 1-year-old and neither he nor his parents ever filed for citizenship. Hopefully, for the sake of the kids, the family gets things figured out and can move forward.

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