Kate Middleton Reportedly Throwing A ‘Truly Unforgettable’ Baby Shower For Meghan Markle, Per ‘Life & Style’

While there has been speculation by some media outlets that there could be some sort of rivalry between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, new rumors about the sister-in-law seem to refute such a possibility. Reports have surfaced that Kate is busy planning “a truly unforgettable day” for Meghan’s baby shower, which is supposedly going to be “extra special,” detailed Life & Style Magazine.

“[Kate]’s a complete perfectionist and has already begun planning the celebration months in advance. Duchess Kate considered having the shower at Soho Farmhouse, but thinks it’ll be easier to host it at her Kensington Palace apartment.”

This is big news, considering that there’s been speculation about whether a baby shower would even take place at all. According to Harper’s Bazaar, baby showers aren’t the norm in the U.K. but not against royal protocol. The publication suggested that Jessica Mulroney, Serena Williams, or Priyanka Chopra could be one of her friends that would throw the party for the Duchess. However, hearing that Kate is the one to take charge of the special event certainly was not foreseen by Harper’s.

And the occasion is made even more special considering that it’s not exactly the norm for the British to hold baby showers, so Kate is obviously going above and beyond to help her sister-in-law make the best out of her first pregnancy.

And it’s not just the baby shower that Kate is willing to do for Meghan, as she’s apparently been a big source of support for the Duchess.

“[Kate] has been Meghan’s rock during the pregnancy. She’s been turning to Kate for all kinds of baby advice. It’ll mean the world to Meghan — and Prince Harry — once they find out that Kate’s gone out of her way to organize the shower.”

The source also revealed that the event will likely include Meghan’s closest friends and an “American-style feast.”

While having friends around will certainly make the baby shower very special, some believe that Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, will be making the U.K. her home at least part-time in order to be closer to her daughter and future grandchild. So it’s possible that Doria would be present at the baby shower too.

Also worth noting is that Meghan and Harry wrapped up their first international tour, which was filled with some amazing moments both during official engagements and during walkabouts. This was the first series of events that the Duchess attended after Kensington Palace revealed her pregnancy, and fans were thrilled to see the baby bump on a few occasions.

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