Find Out Why Experts Think Meghan Markle Has Scars On Her Left Foot, Per ‘Express’

Every little move that the Duchess of Sussex makes is carefully scrutinized by fans and experts, and her choice to go barefoot during the royal tour also meant that people learned something new about Meghan Markle. It turns out that she has scars on the inside of her left foot, which left some wondering how she got them.

According to orthopedic surgeon Kumar Kunasingam, the scars are “100 percent due to open bunion surgery,” described Express.

“While the scar is only 4-5cm long, this type of surgery can be very painful and it can take up to three months before patients can wear heels again.”

And if you’re wondering why it’s so painful, it’s because the surgery is invasive.

“During surgery you have to cut through all these layers to get to the bone, which is then broken, straightened and pinned.”

The surgeon also believes that the bunion surgery could be the reason why Meghan has been spotted wearing heels that are a size too big, which means that the shoes don’t rub on the scars.

For some people, wearing heels too much can cause bunions, but apparently the surgeon said that it’s a hereditary condition that affects a quarter of the population. And just because Meghan’s had surgery doesn’t mean that she might not have to again in the future.

“There is a risk with open surgery that the bunions can come back. Hopefully she’ll be okay, but were she to need surgery again, I would advise she had a keyhole procedure.”

According to WebMD, the treatment for bunions can be as simple as changing the type of shoes one is wearing. This includes heels less than two inches tall, since high heels can also cause bunions.

Some even believe that Meghan got the painful procedure in “2014 after suffering from bunions for four years – and getting trolled online for them,” described The Mirror. And whether that’s true or not, bunions are easy to spot in photos, so there’s a possibility that there’s some truth to this theory.

After all, fans know that Meghan took her appearance very seriously. She reportedly had her ex-husband sign a “pregnancy contract,” which outlined stipulations for different support she’d need after giving birth in order to maintain her look. The duchess, who was working as an actress at the time, wanted to stay in tip-top shape in order to preserve her career. This meant details like a personal trainer, nutritionist, and possibly even nannies, were clearly defined.

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